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PDS_VERSION_ID       = PDS3                                                   
RECORD_TYPE          = "STREAM"                                               
OBJECT               = TEXT                                                   
  NOTE               = "AAREADME file for Keck I LWS mid-infrared images of   
                       9P/Tempel 1 from 21 August 2000."                      
  PUBLICATION_DATE   = 2004-05-21   /* Peer Review Date */                    
END_OBJECT           = TEXT                                                   
  This data set contains raw and reduced mid-infrared images of               
  comet 9P/Tempel 1, the target of the Deep Impact mission, obtained          
  by Y. Fernandez, C. Lisse, M. A'Hearn, and M. Belton using the              
  LWS instrument at the Keck I telescope.  Images were acquired during        
  the night of 21 August 2000, about 7.5 months after perihelion.             
  This data set also includes a table of photometric results found            
  in the paper 'The nucleus of Deep Impact target Comet 9P/Tempel 1'          
  by Fernandez et al. 2003 [FERNANDEZETAL2003].                               
  The LWS was operated in the chop-nod image mode.  Observations were         
  made with filters centered at 4.8, 8.9, 10.7, 11.7, 12.5, 17.9 and          
  20.0 microns.  Two bright-infrared standard stars, beta Andromedae and      
  phi 1 Ceti, were imaged for absolute flux calibrations.                     
  This data set supports analysis of the size and albedo of the nucleus       
  of 9P/Tempel 1 for the Deep Impact mission.                                 
  Version 2 of this delivery volume includes some minor corrections to        
  file names and references in the catalog/ subdirectory.                     
Media Format                                                                  
  This data set is supplied as an electronic file and is formatted            
  with the ISO 9660 level 2 Interchange Standard so that a variety            
  of computer systems can access the data.                                    
File Format                                                                   
  PDS label formats and documentation conform to standards as defined by      
  the Planetary Data System Standards Reference (JPL Document D-7669,         
  Part 2, August 1, 2003, Version 3.6).                                       
Directory and File Information                                                
    |-AAREADME.TXT - This file                                                
    |-CALIB----|-FILTER* - LWS filter transmission profile tables             
    |-CATALOG - Descriptions of the data set, telescope, instrument, and      
    |           observed targets                                              
    |          |-PHOT    - Flux measurements of the comet                     
    |          |                                                              
    |-DATA-----|-RAW     - Unprocessed, raw, comet and standard star images   
    |          |                                                              
    |          |-REDUCED - Calibrated, comet and standard star images         
    |          |-OBS_LOG.*       - Brief observing log provided by the        
    |          |                   observers                                  
    |          |                                                              
    |          |-LWS_CONVERT_6DIM_FITS.*  - Description of how raw,           
    |          |                            6-dimensional, LWS FITS files     
    |          |                            were converted to 2 dimensions    
    |          |-LWS_MAKE_FLAT.* - Description of how a median flat was       
    |          |                   produced from raw, 6-dimensional, LWS      
    |          |                   FITS files                                 
    |          |                                                              
    |          |-LWS_FITS.*      - Illustration of a 6-dimensional FITS       
    |          |                   file produced by the LWS                   
    |          |                                                              
    |          |-KECK_MANUAL.*    - KECK telescope and instruments manual     
    |-INDEX - Index to data and calibration files                             
Cognizant Persons                                                             
  Questions regarding the scientific elements of this data set                
  should be directed to:                                                      
    Yan R. Fernandez                                                          
    Institute for Astronomy                                                   
    University of Hawaii                                                      
    2680 Woodlawn Drive                                                       
    Honolulu, Hawaii 96822, USA                                                                                                  
  Questions regarding the PDS elements of this data set should be             
  directed to:                                                                
    Stephanie McLaughlin                                                      
    Small Bodies Node, Planetary Data System                                  
    Department of Astronomy, University of Maryland                           
    College Park, Maryland 20742-2421 USA