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PDS_VERSION_ID       = PDS3                                                   
RECORD_TYPE          = "STREAM"                                               
INSTRUMENT_NAME      = "FOCAL PLANE ARRAY"                                    
OBJECT               = TEXT                                                   
  NOTE                 = "AAREADME.TXT describes this data set."              
  PUBLICATION_DATE     = 2003-10-30   /* Peer Review Date */                  
END_OBJECT           = TEXT                                                   
    This volume contains 12-, 25-, 60-, and 100-micron photometry of          
    the dust coma of comet 9P/Tempel 1 during its 1983 apparition.            
    The photometry was derived from reconstructed observations acquired       
    by the Focal Plane Array (FPA) instrument on the Infrared Astronomical    
    Satellite (IRAS).  The types of observations were Sky Survey Atlas        
    (ISSA) scans and Additional/Pointed Observations (AO).  A comprehensive   
    discussion of these data was provided by Carey Lisse and included as      
    documentation.  The reconstructed images used for this photometric        
    analysis are available in the PDS data set                                
    These data support the analysis of the dust environment of Tempel 1       
    for the NASA Deep Impact Mission.                                         
Volume Format                                                                 
    This volume has been formatted according to the ISO-9660 level 2          
    Interchange Standard.                                                     
File Format                                                                   
    PDS label formats and documentation conform to standards as defined by    
    the Planetary Data System Standards Reference (JPL Document D-7669,       
    Part 2JPL D-7669, Part 2, August 1, 2003, Version 3.6) and the Planetary  
    Science Data Dictionary (JPL D-7116, August 2002, Rev. E).                
    All text documents and other meta information files such as               
    descriptions, PDS object definitions and detached PDS labels are          
    stream format files, with a carriage return (ASCII 13) and a line         
    feed character (ASCII 10) at the end of the record.  This allows          
    the files to be read by MS-DOS/Windows, Unix, and VMS operating           
Directory and File Information                                                
    |--AAREADME.TXT      This ASCII text file                                 
    |--[CATALOG]         Mission, instrument, and data set descriptions       
    |--[DATA]|           Directory containing the photometry data             
    |  |                                                                      
    |  |--[AO]           ASCII tables containing aperture photometry          
    |  |                 derived from reconstructed AO data                   
    |  |                                                                      
    |  +--[SURVEY]       ASCII tables containing aperture photometry          
    |                    derived from reconstructed ISSA data                 
    |--[DOCUMENT]        Directory containing documentation for these data    
    |  |                                                                      
    |  |-- DOCINFO.TXT   Description of files in this directory               
    |  |                                                                      
    |  |--[PHOT]                                                              
    |  |  |                                                                   
    |  |  +-- EXP_SUPP.* Explanatory Supplement document for these data       
    |  |                                                                      
    |  |--[AICD]                                                              
    |  |  |                                                                   
    |  |  +--ARCHIVE*    Archive Interface Control Document (AICD)            
    |  |                                                                      
    |  +-- ONLABELS.TXT  Definitions of keywords found in the PDS data labels 
       |-- INDXINFO.TXT  Description of files in this directory               
       +-- INDEX.*       Table of parameters for these data                   
Cognizant Persons                                                             
  Carey M. Lisse, University of Maryland, produced the photometry tables      
  and the explanatory supplement document.  Stephanie A. McLaughlin,          
  PDS-SBN/University of Maryland, produced the catalog files, indices,        
  and data labels.