PDS_VERSION_ID        = PDS3                                                  
RECORD_TYPE          = "STREAM"                                               
OBJECT                = TEXT                                                  
  PUBLICATION_DATE    = 2006-09-28                                            
  NOTE                = "Description of the BROWSE directory"                 
END_OBJECT            = TEXT                                                  
        BROWSE Directory Contents                                             
The BROWSE directory contains two versions of the comet Tempel 1 shape        
model in VRML format.  These can be easily viewed with any standard           
VRML viewer (e.g. Cortona).  The two models differ only in the way the        
model is illuminated                                                          
TEMPEL1_SHAPE_VRML_SOLAR.WRL contains the VRML plate model with               
illumination conditions that approximate those at the time of the             
Deep Impact encounter.                                                        
TEMPEL1_SHAPE_VRML_HEADL.WRL contains the VRML plate model illuminated        
with a headlight to fully illuminate the detailed structure.                  
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