PDS_VERSION_ID         = PDS3                                                 
RECORD_TYPE            = "STREAM"                                             
OBJECT                 = TEXT                                                 
  PUBLICATION_DATE     = 2006-12-22                                           
  NOTE                 = "CATALOG directory contents"                         
END_OBJECT             = TEXT                                                 
        CATALOG Directory Contents                                            
The CATALOG directory contains high-level catalog objects for this            
Deep Impact data set.  Catalog objects are often updated as more              
precise information becomes available.  For the latest versions of            
these files, please consult the Planetary Data System Data Set Catalog        
available on the PDS web site at:                                             
The following files are found in this directory:                              
CATINFO.TXT       - The file                                                  
DEEP_IMPACT.CAT  - High-level catalog object for the Deep Impact (DI)         
DIF.CAT           - High-level catalog object for the DI Flyby spacecraft     
MRI.CAT           - High-level catalog object for the Medium Resolution       
                    Visible CCD Camera (MRI) on the DI Flyby spacecraft       
DATASET.CAT       - High-level catalog object for this data set               
REFERENCE.CAT     - Bibliographic citations for reference works cited in      
                    other catalog objects                                     
PERSONNEL.CAT     - High-level catalog object for personnel responsible       
                    for the production and distribution of this data          
                  - Catalog object for comet 9P/Tempel 1,                     
                    the target of the Deep Impact mission                     
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