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DOCUMENT Directory Contents                                                   
The latest version and other formats (e.g. ASCII text) of all documents       
for the Deep Impact and EPOXI missions are available in the Deep Impact       
and EPOXI documentation dataset, DI-C-HRII/HRIV/MRI/ITS-6-DOC-SET-V3.0,       
available online at http://pds.nasa.gov. However, several of the most         
useful documents are duplicated here in PDF/A format for convenience.         
Please note these may be an older version.  Each specific document will       
have an accompanying label file to describe content and structure.  Label     
files have the same name as the main document file but with an extension      
of ".LBL".                                                                    
The following files are found in this directory:                              
  - The file you are now reading.                                             
  - "Day of Year Calendar" document, for perpetual and leap years,            
    and a label file.                                                         
  - "An Overview of the Instrument Suite for the Deep Impact Mission"         
    draft document and a label file.                                          
    - "The Pictorial Atlas of Deep Impact and  EPOXI Thermal                  
       Telemetry Points" document and a label file.                           
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