PDS_VERSION_ID          = PDS3                                                
RECORD_TYPE             = "STREAM"                                            
OBJECT                  = TEXT                                                
   INTERCHANGE_FORMAT   = "ASCII"                                             
   PUBLICATION_DATE     = 2006-09-20                                          
   NOTE                 = "DOCUMENT directory contents"                       
END_OBJECT              = TEXT                                                
        DOCUMENT Directory Contents                                           
All documentation for this data set is located on the Deep Impact             
documentation volume, DIDOC_0001.  However, the Deep Impact local             
data dictionary, used to generate and validate PDS data labels, is            
duplicated here for convenience.                                              
  DOCINFO.TXT      - This file.                                               
  PDSDD_DI.FUL     - Local data dictionary for Deep Impact data sets          
  PDSDD_DI.IDX     - Index file for the Deep Impact local data dictionary     
  PDSDD_DI.LBL     - PDS label for the PDSDD_DI.FUL and PDSDD_DI.IDX;         
                     All currently known Deep Impact data sets that           
                     require the local dictionary are listed in the label     
  NEW_KEYWORDS.TXT - Defines new keywords submitted to PDS Engineering        
                     Node for inclusion in the Planetary Science Data         
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