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DOCUMENT Directory Contents                                                   
The DOCUMENT directory contains documentation to to assist with               
understanding the data and the processing involved.  Documents are            
required to be given as ASCII text, but may also be given in                  
other formats for better readability, such as Adobe PDF.  Each                
document is accompanied by a detached PDS label file.                         
The following files are found in this directory:                              
  - The file you are now reading.                                             
- "Development and Utilization of the HRIV Point Spread Function for          
  the EPOXI Mission" by R. Barry describes how the HRIV instrumental PSFs     
  for EPOXI stellar calibrators such as Achernar and those for exoplanet      
  transit targets such as GJ 436 were produced using a drizzle method.        
  It also discusses the utilization of the PSFs.                              
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