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DOCUMENT Directory Contents                                                   
The latest version and other formats (e.g. ASCII text) of all documents       
for the Deep Impact and EPOXI missions are  available in the Deep Impact      
and EPOXI documentation data set, DI-C-HRII/HRIV/MRI/ITS-6-DOC-SET-V3.0.      
However, several of the most useful documents are duplicated here in PDF      
format for convenience.  Please note these may be an older version.  Each     
specific document will have an accompanying label file to describe content    
and structure.  Label files have the same name as the main document file      
but with an extension of ".LBL".                                              
The following files are found in this directory:                              
  - The file you are now reading.                                             
  - "Day of Year Calendar" document, for perpetual and leap years,            
    and a label file.                                                         
- "Development and Utilization of the HRIV Point Spread Function for          
  the EPOXI Mission" by R. Barry describes how the HRIV instrumental PSFs     
  for EPOXI stellar calibrators such as Achernar and those for exoplanet      
  transit targets such as GJ 436 were produced using a drizzle method.        
  It also discusses the utilization of the PSFs.                              
  - "EPOXI/EPOCh Observations of Transiting Extrasolar Planets (and           
    Earth)" presentation and a label file.                                    
  - "Description of the EPOCh Stellar Transit Observations and Photometry" 
    document and a label file.                                                         
  - "Report on the Calibration of EPOXI spacecraft timing and reduction       
    to Barycentric Julian Date" for EPOCh observations of transiting          
    extrasolar planets                                                        
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