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PDS_VERSION_ID     = PDS3                                                     
RECORD_TYPE        = "FIXED_LENGTH"                                           
RECORD_BYTES       = 80                                                       
OBJECT             = TEXT                                                     
  NOTE             = "                                                        
    AAREADME file for the Deep Impact Reduced ITS Navigation                  
    Image Archive from the encounter with comet 9P/Tempel 1"                  
  PUBLICATION_DATE = 2006-09-29                                               
END_OBJECT         = TEXT                                                     
  This data set contains calibrated images of comet 9P/Tempel 1 acquired      
  by the Deep Impact Impactor Targeting Sensor Visible CCD during             
  the encounter phase of the mission.  These observations were used for       
  optical and autonomous navigation (NAV) of the impactor spacecraft as       
  well as for scientific investigations.  These data were collected           
  on 3-4 July 2005.                                                           
Volume Format                                                                 
  This volume has been formatted according to the ISO-9660 level 2            
  Interchange Standard for directories and file names.                        
File Formats                                                                  
  All text documents and other meta information files such as                 
  descriptions, PDS object definitions and detached PDS labels are            
  stream format files, with a carriage return (ASCII 13) and a line           
  feed character (ASCII 10) at the end of the record.  This allows            
  the files to be read by various operating systems.                          
Volume Contents                                                               
  Files on this volume are organized into a set of subdirectories             
  below the top-level directory. The following table shows the                
  structure and content of these directories. In the table, directory         
  names are enclosed in square brackets ([]). See the *INFO.TXT files         
  in some directories for specific information on the files in that           
  |-- AAREADME.TXT         This file                                          
  |-- VOLDESC.CAT          Description of the contents of this volume         
  |--[CALIB]               Directory containing calibration files             
  |  |                                                                        
  |  |-- CALINFO.TXT       Description of files in this subdirectory          
  |  |-- [ABSCALVS]        Absolute calibration constant tables               
  |  |-- [ADCLUT]          Uneven ADC bit weighting lookup tables             
  |  |-- [BADPIX]          Bad pixel maps                                     
  |  |-- [BIAS]            Bias corrections maps                              
  |  |-- [DRKMODEL]        Master dark frames                                 
  |  |-- [FLAT]            Flat fields                                        
  |  |-- [GAIN]            Gain correction maps                               
  |  |-- [PSF]             Point-spread function maps                         
  |  |-- [XTALK]           Electronic cross talk correction tables            
  |--[CATALOG]             Directory containing PDS catalog objects           
  |  |                                                                        
  |  |-- CATINFO.TXT       Description of files in this subdirectory          
  |  |-- DATASET.CAT       Description of this data set                       
  |  |-- ITS.CAT           Description of the ITS instrument                  
  |  |-- DII.CAT           Description of the Impactor spacecraft             
  |  |-- DEEP_IMPACT.CAT   Description of the Deep Impact mission             
  |  |-- PERSONNEL.CAT     Description of personnel who created this volume   
  |  |-- REFERENCE.CAT     List of publications mentioned in catalog files    
  |  |-- 9P_TEMPEL_1_1867_G1.CAT  Description of mission target, 9P/Tempel 1  
  |--[DATA]                Directory containing data products                 
  |  |                                                                        
  |  |--[RADREV]           Reduced, uncleaned images in units of radiance     
  |     |                                                                     
  |     |--[YYYY]          Multiple year directories, as needed               
  |        |                                                                  
  |        |--[DDD]        Multiple day-of-year directories                   
  |           |                                                               
  |           |-- *RR.FIT  Two-dimensional image FITS files                   
  |           |-- *RR.LBL  PDS labels, one for each FITS file                 
  |--[DOCUMENT]            Directory for related documents                    
  |  |                                                                        
  |  |-- DOCINFO.TXT       Refers the user to relevant documents              
  |  |-- PDSDD_DI.*        Deep Impact local data dictionary and index file   
  |--[INDEX]               Directory containing index files                   
     |-- INDXINFO.TXT      Description of files in the INDEX directory        
     |-- INDEX.TAB         Table of all FITS data files in this data set      
     |-- INDEX.LBL         PDS label for INDEX.TAB                            
     |-- CHECKSUM.TAB      Checksum file for this volume                      
     |-- CHECKSUM.LBL      PDS label for CHECKSUM.TAB                         
Whom to Contact for Information                                               
  Questions regarding the scientific elements of this data set should be      
  directed to:                                                                
    Michael F. A'Hearn                                                        
    Principal Investigator, Deep Impact                                       
    Department of Astronomy, University of Maryland                           
    College Park, Maryland 20742-2421 USA                                                                                          
    Nick Mastrodemos                                                          
    Navigation Team, Deep Impact                                              
    Jet Propulsion Laboratory                                                 
    4800 Oak Grove Drive                                                      
    Pasadena, CA 91109 USA                                                                                      
  Questions about data formats and geometry-related information               
  should be directed to:                                                      
    Brian Carcich                                                             
    Deep Impact Science Data Center                                           
    Cornell University                                                        
    610 Space Sciences Building                                               
    Ithaca, NY 14853 USA                                                                                                  
  Questions regarding the PDS elements in this data set should be             
  directed to:                                                                
    Stephanie McLaughlin                                                      
    Deep Impact Archive Team                                                  
    Department of Astronomy, University of Maryland                           
    College Park, Maryland 20742-2421 USA