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        DOCUMENT Directory Contents                                           
    The DOCUMENT directory contains several documents produced                
    during the third preflight thermal-vacuum test (TV3) Deep Impact          
    instruments (ITS only):                                                   
      - The IMAGELOG directory contains the image log document.               
        As each image was acquired during TV3, an entry was made              
        in the log.  Image parameters, such as mode and experiment            
        type, were recorded.  Images were grouped by test date.               
        The log also provides a summary of the experiments performed          
        each day and a list of the experiment types with descriptions.        
      - The PDSDD directory contains the local Planetary Science              
        data dictionary listing and index file, in ASCII text format,         
        for the Deep Impact thermal-vacuum data sets.  Description and        
        values of locally-defined keywords found in the data labels are       
        included in the dictionary.                                           
      - The REPORTS directory contains daily reports produced by              
        test personnel at the end of each test day.  Each report              
        summarizes the activity for that day.                                 
    These documents are very useful for understanding the calibration         
    tests performed during TV3.  For information regarding the image          
    log or the daily test reports, please contact:                            
      Dennis Wellnitz                                                         
      University of Maryland                                                  
        email: wellnitz@astro.umd.edu                                         
        voice: 301-405-1546                                                   
        fax:   301-405-3538                                                   
      Stephanie McLaughlin                                                    
      University of Maryland                                                  
        email: stefmcl@astro.umd.edu                                          
        voice: 301-405-3605                                                   
        fax:   301-405-3538                                                   
      Don Hampton                                                             
      Ball Aerospace and Technologies Corporation                             
        email: dhampton@ball.com                                              
        voice: 303-939-5473                                                   
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