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PDS_VERSION_ID       = PDS3                                                   
RECORD_TYPE          = STREAM                                                 
OBJECT               = TEXT                                                   
  PUBLICATION_DATE     = 2007-07-30                                           
  NOTE                 = "AAREADME.TXT describes this volume.                 
  Version 2 of this volume contains minor format corrections to the           
  '' and '' files in the catalog/ subdirectory.          
END_OBJECT           = TEXT                                                   
                              Volume DS1PE_1001                               
                                Deep Space 1                                  
                      Plasma Experiment for Planetary Exploration             
                            Borrelly Encounter Data                           
               Planetary Plasma Interactions Discipline Node                  
                                   of the                                     
                            Planetary Data System                             
                         Brief Disk Description                               
This disk contains plasma data from the Deep Space 1 (DS1) Borrelly encounter 
submitted by the Plasma Experiment for Planetary Exploration (PEPE) team      
to the Planetary Data System (PDS). This data set contains ion and electron   
flux as a function of energy and angle, and ion composition data acquired     
during the DS1 encounter with comet 19P/Borrelly. The data are uncalibrated   
and provided in spacecraft coordinates. The data set covers the time period   
from 2001 days 262 - 266 (Sept. 19-23). The DS1 encounter occurred on         
September 22, 2001 (day of year 265), at a distance of 1.36 astronomical      
units from the Sun.                                                           
  *** NOTE:  The data producer failed to meet his archiving obligations       
  ***        with respect to correcting the science problems with the         
  ***        data identified by the external reviewer during the peer         
  *** review for these data, held October 2003.  The list of unresolved       
  *** problems and outstanding questions is included as the file              
  *** "list_outstanding.txt", in the document/ subdirectory of the            
  *** volume, as is a copy of the slides presented at the review by           
  *** Adolph Vinas, principal reviewer for this data set.  Users are          
  *** advised to read these carefully before working with the data.           
All data files are stored in the 'DATA' branch of the directory tree.         
Data are stored in both ASCII and binary tables. All files give time values   
in Spacecraft Event Time (SCET).                                              
All data files on this volume are described by detached PDS labels (.LBL).    
Documentation formatted for inclusion in the PDS catalog can be found in      
the CATALOG directory. Additional documentation is generally located in the   
DOCUMENT directory. Calibration information is found in the CALIB             
Users of these data are encouraged to acknowledge both the PDS and the        
principal investigator of the PEPE instrument in all publications where       
these data are used.                                                          
Volume Format Information                                                     
The disk is organized into a hierarchical directory structure.  The disk      
is formatted according to UDF/ISO bridge standards in order to accommodate    
users on a wide variety of platforms.                                         
File Formats                                                                  
All data files are described by detached PDS labels.  A                       
detached label file has the same name as the data file that it                
describes, but with the extension LBL.  For example, the file                 
ELC01263.TAB is accompanied by the detached label file ELC01263.LBL in        
the same directory.                                                           
All document, detached PDS labels, and HTML files are stream                  
format files, with a carriage return (ASCII 13) and a line feed               
character (ASCII 10) at the end of the record.  This allows the files         
to be read by MacOS, DOS, Windows, Unix, and VMS operating systems.           
Unix system and Macintosh users will see the unnecessary carriage             
return character (^M) at the end of each line. Mac users will see an          
unnecessary line feed (^J) character at the start of each line.               
ASCII tabular data files (*.TAB) are formatted so that they may be            
read directly into many database management systems (DBMS) or                 
spreadsheet programs on various computers.  All fields are of fixed           
length and are separated by white space (blank characters or commas).         
Character fields are generally left justified, and numeric fields are         
decimal-aligned.  The 'start byte' and 'bytes' values listed in a PDS         
label do not include the white space between fields. The records are          
of fixed length, and the last two bytes of each record contain the            
ASCII carriage return and line feed characters.  This allows a table          
to be treated as a fixed length record file on computers that support         
this file type and as a normal text file on other computers.                  
PDS labels are object-oriented.  The object to which the label                
refers (e.g., TIME_SERIES, TABLE, etc.) is denoted by a statement of          
the form:                                                                     
          ^object = location                                                  
in which the caret character (^, also called a pointer in this                
context) indicates that the object starts at the given location.  For         
an object in the same file as the label, the location is an integer           
representing the starting record number or byte of the object (the first      
record/byte in the file is 1).  For an object located outside the             
label file, the location denotes the name of the file containing the          
object, along with the starting record or byte number.  For example:          
^TIME_SERIES            = ("20903684.DAT", 3)                                 
indicates that the TIME_SERIES object begins at record 3 of the file          
20903684.DAT, in the same directory as the detached label file. Below         
is a list of the possible formats that use the ^object keyword.               
          ^object = n                                                         
          ^object = n<BYTES>                                                  
          ^object = ("filename.ext",n)                                        
          ^object = ("[dirlist]filename.ext",n)                               
          ^object = ("filename.ext",n<BYTES>)                                 
          ^object = ("[dirlist]filename.ext",n<BYTES>)                        
where          n    is the starting record or byte number of the object,      
                    counting from beginning of the file (record 1,            
                    byte 1); default is record number.                        
          <BYTES>   indicates that number given is in units of bytes.         
          filename  upper-case file name.                                     
          ext       upper-case file extension.                                
          dirlist*  period-delimited path-list of parent directories,         
                    in upper case, that specifies the object file             
                    directory (used only when the object is not in the        
                    same directory as the label file).                        
* All PDS labels on this volume are located in the same directory as          
  the file they describe so this construct is not used here.                  
Every effort has been made to assure that the data and documentation are of   
the best possible quality. However, mistakes are inevitable. The PPI Node     
of the PDS will maintain an online list of ERRATA where errors and updates    
are documented. Should any user of this product find an error on this         
volume, please report the error to the PPI Node so that the finding can       
be made public. All users are encouraged to verify the correctness of the     
data prior to submitting any publications or other work based on these data.  
There is a file called ERRATA.TXT found at the root level of this volume which
contains a list of known deficiencies or caveats associated with data on this 
volume at the time this DVD was published. Any changes or errors that are     
found on this or any DS1PE_1001 volume can be found at the PDS/PPI website    
If you find an error on this disk, please report the error to the PDS Operator
at the PPI Node of the PDS.                                                   
  Telephone         (310) 206-6073                                            
  U.S. Mail         PDS Operator                                              
                    c/o Dr. Raymond Walker                                    
                    UCLA - IGPP                                               
                    Los Angeles, CA 90095-1567                                
Only through support and feedback of the users of these data can an effective 
errata list be maintained.                                                    
The Planetary Plasma Interactions (PPI) Node of NASA's Planetary Data System  
(PDS) provides software to facilitate the location of the data of interest on 
CD-ROM data products, as well as software to convert data between architecture
specific data formats. In addition, the PPI Node provides software which has  
been made available by individual projects which may be useful when working   
with PPI data.  Non-PDS software is provided 'as is' and is distributed by the
PPI Node as a service to the community.                                       
Volume Contents and Structure                                                 
This section describes the volume structure and naming conventions. Below is  
a tree diagram of the volume, followed by a description of the directory      
function and key files in each directory.                                     
 DSPE_1001 (root directory)                                                   
   |- AAREADME.TXT  Describes volume contents, organization and CD-ROM use    
   |                (this file)                                               
   |- ERRATA.TXT    Describes known deficiencies or caveats in the data or    
   |                on this volume.                                           
   |- VOLDESC.CAT   High level description of volume contents.                
   |- [CATALOG]    Information on data sets and how they are processed and    
   |               produced.  Also contains information regarding Galileo     
   |               orbiter, the instruments covered by this volume, personnel 
   |               involved, and references from various documents            
   |               including those contained in the /CATALOG and /DOCUMENT    
   |               directories.                                               
   |- [DATA]       Contains all tof the data files on this volume.            
   |- [DOCUMENT]   Contains documentation for and about the data.             
   |- [EXTRAS]     Contains a sample program coded in C that will read each   
   |               data file and output it's start and stop time. This code   
   |               is provided as a example of how to read the data files     
   |               and convert the time tags to humen readable forms.         
   |- [INDEX]      Contains a table of contents for all files located on this 
                   CD-ROM and the volume set to date.                         
The person most directly responsible for the construction and release of this 
volume is Mr. Steven Joy. He was the PPI Node Data Administrator at the time  
this disk was created and understands as much about the disk structure and    
data organization as anyone. Other PPI personnel who may be aware of about    
issues related to this volume include Mr. Bill Harris, and Dr. Raymond Walker,
the PDS/PPI Node manager.                                                     
For questions or problems regarding this archive, please contact the PDS/PPI  
PDS operator:                                                                 
  Telephone         (310) 206-6073                                            
  U.S. Mail         PDS Operator                                              
                    c/o Dr. Raymond Walker                                    
                    3845 Slichter Hall                                        
                    UCLA - IGPP                                               
                    Los Angeles, CA 90095-1567                                
For questions regarding PDS Standards or other archives available from the    
PDS, please contact PDS Operator at the PDS Central Node (at JPL):            
  Telephone         (818) 354-4321                                            
  U.S. Mail         Planetary Data System, PDS Operator                       
                    Jet Propulsion Laboratory                                 
                    Mail Stop 202-101                                         
                    4800 Oak Grove Dr.                                        
                    Pasadena, CA 91109-8099                                   
The PDS and the Planetary Plasma Interactions (PPI) Node in particular,       
assume no legal liability for errors on this disk. All users are encouraged   
to verify the correctness of the data prior to submitting any publications    
or other work based on these data. Errors on this disk should be reported back
to the PPI Node of the PDS through the ERRATA reporting procedures described