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PDS_VERSION_ID                     = PDS3                                     
RECORD_TYPE                        = FIXED_LENGTH                             
OBJECT                             = TEXT                                     
   PUBLICATION_DATE                = 2006-03-17                               
   NOTE                            = "Volume information"                     
END_OBJECT                         = TEXT                                     
This volume contains the "Properties of Cometary Nuclei" data set, which      
comprises the main data tables from "Sizes, Shapes, Albedos and Colors        
of Cometary Nuclei" (Lamy, et al. 2004) from the "Comets II" volume           
(Festou, Keller and Weaver, eds).                                             
These data underwent external peer review on 12 December 2005, and have       
been slightly modified according to the recommendations of the reviewers.     
See the data set description in the catalog/ file for more         
The data are in a single logical PDS volume format.                           
-Anne Raugh                                                                   
 17 March 2006