PDS_VERSION_ID                     = PDS3                                     
RECORD_TYPE                        = STREAM                                   
OBJECT                             = TEXT                                     
   PUBLICATION_DATE                = 2014-02-28  /*Label Generated*/          
   NOTE                            = "Description of the contents of the      
        catalog directory."                                                   
END_OBJECT                         = TEXT                                     
This directory contains the PDS catalog files for this data set. Instrument   
host file names end in "host.cat". Instrument file names end in "inst.cat".   
Target files, if any, are located in the TARGET sub-directory.                
                   catalog Directory Contents                                 
catinfo.txt - The file you are reading.                                       
dataset.cat - The catalog file for the data set "Images of 9P/Tempel 1 from   
        2005 around the DI Encounter V1.0".                                   
i0655inst.cat - The catalog file for the instrument "Kitt Peak Mosaic Camera".
mission.cat - The catalog file for the mission "Support Archives".            
obs321t1host.cat - The catalog file for the instrument host "Kitt Peak        
        National Observatory 4-m Mayall Ritchey-Chretien equatorial           
ref.cat - A listing of all publications referenced in the data set.  This is  
        analogous to a bibliography for the data set.                         
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