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PDS_VERSION_ID                     = PDS3                                     
RECORD_TYPE                        = STREAM                                   
OBJECT                             = TEXT                                     
   PUBLICATION_DATE                = 2014-01-31  /* Label Generated */        
   NOTE                            = "Volume information"                     
END_OBJECT                         = TEXT                                     
PDS OLAF Data Set Volume                                                      
Peer Review: Comet 2014, Mon Jan 13 16:00:00 EST 2014                         
Discipline Node: Small Bodies                                                 
Peer Review Contact: Kolokolova, Ludmilla                                     
Data Set Name: CH3D ice absorption coefficients V1.0                          
Submitter: Grundy, Will                                                       
The data and associated PDS labels and catalog files are organized into the   
        following directories:                                                
catalog - contains PDS catalog files, which describe the data set, the        
        instrument, the instrument host (which is the spacecraft, observatory,
        or laboratory where the instrument was located), as well as the list  
        of references cited in the data set.  This is the best place to start 
        for an overview of the data set.                                      
data - contains the data files and their corresponding labels.                
document - contains ancillary documents and files related to this data set    
        including the file sent to Abstract Data Service (ADS).               
index - contains the PDS required index. It lists various parameters for each 
        data file in the data set.