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The present volume contains the results from the optical probe                
experiment, repackaged as a single-dataset volume, extracted from the         
legacy volume described below.                                                
-A.Raugh, 2011-05-04                                                          
***** File AAREADME.TXT                                                       
This CD-ROM contains data obtained by participants in ESA's Giotto            
Extended Mission and assembled for archiving jointly by ESA's GEM             
Project and the Small Bodies Node of NASA's Planetary Data System             
(PDS).  This volume includes spacecraft measurements during the               
July 10, 1992 encounter with comet 26P/Grigg-Skjellerup as listed below.      
                   GEM Spacecraft Data CD-ROM Archive                         
MISSION EXPERIMENT NAMES                Data Type      Data Content           
GEM     DUST-IMPACT-DETECTOR            table          dust impacts           
        ENERGETIC PARTICLE ANALYZER     table          particle counts        
        GIOTTO-RADIO-SCIENCE            time series    freq, amp residuals    
        IMS-HIGH-INTENSITY-SPEC         table          particle flux          
        JOHNSTONE PLASMA ANALYZER       table          particle flux          
        MAGNETOMETER                    table          field comonents        
        OPTICAL-PROBE-EXPERIMENT        table          intensities            
In addition to the spacecraft measurements, sets of ground based              
images, using various filters, have been included in the archive.             
A collection of 33 CCD images from 1986 through 1993 were                     
submitted by H. Boehnhardt and G. Matella while two images on July 25,        
1992, just after the encounter, were provided by A. Rotundi.                  
Supporting files for the Archive user include PDS descriptions, documents,    
searchable indices, a mission ephemeris, and software tools (code as well     
as IDL procedures).  These have been organized into five directories one      
level below the root: CATALOG, DOCUMENT, EPHEMRIS, INDEX, and SOFTWARE.       
An overview of the GEM mission is provided in the DOCUMENT directory          
along with digitized articles from ESA SP-1077, describing the instruments.   
(Note that these articles, which were digitized using a convention developed  
by the International Halley Watch, are set for fixed width of 132 bytes;      
other digitized document or text files follow current PDS guidelines.)        
The data directories are signified by an experiment abbreviation (see outline 
below) plus the special case when the JPA and MAG data are presented in       
merged files which have been resampled in time.  A final data directory       
(IMAGES) contains the ground-based images submitted as part of the archive.   
                             Structure for GEM CD                             
AAREADME.TXT  (PDS required introduction to the CD-ROM volume)                
VOLDESC.CAT (PDS required volume description of the data only)                
/CATALOG/CATINFO.TXT (list of catalog files)                                  
         *.CAT (Mission, spacecraft, instrument, data, references)            
/DOCUMENT/DOCINFO.TXT (list of documents)                                     
         /EPHEMRIS/*.TXT (Description of spacecraft attitude, code            
                         and position)                                        
                   *.TAB (POSITION table for spacecraft and comet)            
         /GEM/*.DOC (Explanatory description for various data products)       
              *.TIF (Digitized figures for document files)                    
              *.TXT (Digitized abstracts and introductory article)            
         /INSTRUME/GIO*.TXT (DID,EPA,GRE,IMS,JPA,MAG,OPE publications)        
/INDEX/INDXINFO.TXT (discussion of various index tables)                      
       IMGINDEX.TAB (listing of 35 earth based images)                        
       GEMINDEX.TAB (PDS index for the data contents)                         
/SOFTWARE/SOFTINFO.TXT (discussion of code, procedures)                       
         /DOC/SWINV.CAT (documentation  for catalog)                          
              *.TXT (documentation and code explanation)                      
         /SRC/*.FOR (calculate space vectors and light travel time)           
              *.PRO (procedures to display IMAGE, TABLE (ASCII AND BINARY)    
              *.C,*.H,.MAK,.LST (convert PDS label to FITS header)            
/DATA         Master data directory containing one subdirectory for each      
              instrument or experiment                                        
  /DID/DID*.TAB (ancillary calibration tables)                                
          *.TXT (results in text form)                                        
  /EPA/EPACHAN*.TAB (data separated into 4 channels)                          
  /GRE/GRECL.TAB (closed loop results)                                        
       GREOL.TAB (open loop results)                                          
  /IMAGES/IMAGE*.fit  (earth based images - Oct 1986 to Sept 1993)            
  /IMS/HIS*.FIT (submitted FITS files with data truncation)                   
       HIS*.TAB (reformatted and corrected tables)                            
  /JPA_MAG/JPAMG*.TAB (two variations of data merged with B field)            
  /JPA/D4D/D*.TXT (4 dimensional source data, full)                           
      /STC/S*.TXT (START/TAC pulse source data)                               
      /TOF/T*.TXT (source data from Time Of Flight)                           
  /MAG/MAGAV*.TAB (MAG data time averaged presented as ASCII tables)          
                  MAGnnn*.DAT (MAG data time averaged presented as BINARY)    
                  MAGnnnnn*.DAT (MAG source data as binary table)             
  /OPE/OPE*.TAB (tables of counts plus calibration)                           
The GEM project in consultation with the Small Bodies Node decided that       
the data would be archived in the PDS format.   Consequently, the layout      
of this volume and the labels for each file conform to PDS guidelines.        
The components of this data collection, however, are not fully compliant      
since they have not been through a formal PDS peer review.   The data         
suppliers individually address the validity of the data.                      
We wish to acknowledge the work of each PI for the eight GEM experiment       
teams as well as the special efforts of A. Coates, P. Daly, N. McBride,       
M. Paetzold, and J. -B. Renard in supplying the relevant data.   The GEM      
project through the efforts of T. Morley supplied the ephemeris code          
and explanatory files.    The entire Small Bodies Node staff was              
responsible for the development of the software and preparation of the        
CDROM archive.   The GEM project completed the final production of the        
booklet and CDROM.   The distribution of the GEM archive is being             
handled jointly by both groups.                                               
Small Bodies Node, Planetary Data System                                      
Department of Astronomy, University of Maryland                               
College Park, MD 20742-2421                                                                                                    
02 August 2006                                                                
The catalog files and labels on this volume were updated to adhere to         
current PDS standards.  Note that the data will never be subject to a         
full PDS external peer review, and thus will be given a status of             
"SAFED" (i.e., save-the-bits) in the PDS catalog.                             
18 August 2006                                                                
Documented errata have been applied to these files.                           
-Anne Raugh.