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  PUBLICATION_DATE = 2011-05-24                                               
  NOTE             = "DOCUMENT/ directory contents"                           
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DOCUMENT/ Directory                                                           
This directory contains a copy of all the documentation provided on the       
original HAL_0024 volume for the Comet Crommelin data.                        
  cr_calib.txt     Info file for the CALIB/ directory of that volume.         
                   Any calibration files obtained as part of data             
                   collection for this data set may be found in the           
                   data/ directory.  Calibration observations will            
                   have sequence numbers that force them to the end           
                   of directory listings.  That is, if observations           
                   have sequence numbers in the 1000 range, calibrations      
                   will likely have numbers in the 9000 range.                
  cr_ephem.txt     Info file for what was then called the EPHEM/ directory.   
                   The ephemeris file is located in the GEOMETRY/ directory   
                   of the present data set.                                   
  cr_index.txt     Info file for the original INDEX/ directory.  The          
                   indices described may also be found in the INDEX/          
                   subdirectory of this data set.                             
  cr_obscd.txt     Observatory codes and coordinates, and country codes       
                   (used across IHW data sets)                                
  cr_obsct.txt     Observation counts by date for the various networks        
                   contributing observations                                  
  cromguid.txt     ASCII version of the CD insert "Comet Crommelin: User's    
                   Guide to the Compact Disc Read Only Memory"                
  fitsform.txt     Brief notes on file naming conventions and IHW use of      
                   FITS format                                                
In addition, these files were added during the reorganization:                
  docinfo.txt        This file                                                
  ihwnet_pdsid.txt   A file which maps IHW Network prefixes to PDS data       
                     set IDs for the Halley, Giacobini-Zinner and Crommelin   
                     data collections.  This is provided to help bridge the   
                     gap between PDS IDs and the file names provided in the   
                     IWH indices (that generally don't include PDS data       
                     set IDs).                                                
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