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DOCUMENT/ Directory Contents                                                  
This directory contains the documentation supplied on the HAL_0019-23         
volumes.  There are two subdirectories:                                       
This is a copy of everything in the "DOCUMENT" subdirectory of the HAL_0023   
volume.  Apart from CDTREE.TXT and DATATREE.TXT, which were specific to each  
disk, the contents were intended to be identical on all disks.  The HAL_0023  
version was selected as it was the final edit of many of these files.  The    
contents of this subdirectory are described in the DOCUINFO.TXT file.         
This directory was included only on the HAL_0023 disk and presents summary    
information relevant to the contents of all five disks in the series. Note    
that the ERRATA/ subdirectory contains errata lists for all the IHW network   
submission, and that these errata have NOT been applied to any of the files   
in this data set during the current re-organization.  The SUMINFO.TXT file    
provides additional description of the SUMMARY directory contents.            
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