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  NOTE               = "AAREADME file for IUE Data Set Volume                 
    Version 2 of this volume contains minor format corrections to the         
    target catalog files.                                                     
  PUBLICATION_DATE   = 2007-07-30                                             
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***** File AAREADME.TXT                                                       
Two groups of data (HIGH and LOW dispersion) are included in this volume.     
The data are LWP measurements of 38 comets observed by IUE.  Added            
information is included from the Uniform Low Dispersion Archive Guide No. 2   
(ESA SP1134), such as a General List of comet observations from 1978-1989.    
The data files were collected from IUEMAST.   A FITS to PDS translator (F2P)  
has been used to create the detached PDS labels.    The data were checked     
by manipulating the data with IDL routines created at the Small Bodies Node.  
In the DOCUMENT directory are explanatory text files as well as digitized     
versions (1&2) of the manuals in TEX or ASCII text with figures as JPG        
files. All document files and most labels contain an 80-byte fixed length     
record, with a carriage return (ASCII 13) and line feed (ASCII 10) as the     
79th and 80th byte respectively.   All the tabular files in the INDEX and     
DOCUMENT directory are formatted according to PDS standards.   It should be   
noted that the index tables are formatted so that they may be read directly   
into many database management systems.   All fields are separated by commas,  
and character fields are inclosed in double quotes (").                       
49 comets were observed by the IUE during the period.  Of these, 38 were      
observed using the LWP.  The cpmplete list of comets is shown below,          
with the LWP comets marked by an asterisk (*):                                
   COMET                                           IAU DESIG                  
 * AREND-RIGAUX                                    1951 C2                    
   AUSTIN 82                                       1982 M1                    
 * AUSTIN 90                                       1989 X1                    
   BORRELLY 81-|                                                              
 * BORRELLY 87-|-----------------------------------1904 Y2                    
 * BORRELLY 94-|                                                              
 * BOWELL                                          1980 E1                    
   BRADFIELD 79X                                   1979 Y1                    
 * BRADFIELD 87                                    1987 P1                    
 * BRORSEN-METCALF                                 1847 O1                    
   CERNIS                                          1983 O1                    
 * CHURYUMOV-GERASIMENKO                           1969 R1                    
 * CROMMELIN                                       1928 W1                    
   DARREST 82--------------------------------------1851 M1                    
 * DARREST 95----|                                                            
   ENCKE 80-|                                                                 
 * ENCKE 84-|                                                                 
 * ENCKE 87-|--------------------------------------1818 W1                    
 * ENCKE 90-|                                                                 
 * ENCKE 94-|                                                                 
 * FAYE 91                                         1843 W1                    
 * GIACOBINI-ZINNER                                1900 Y1                    
 * GRIGG-SKJELLERUP                                1922 K1                    
 * HALE-BOPP                                       1995 O1                    
 * HALLEY                                          1682 Q1                    
 * HARTLEY-GOOD                                    1985 R1                    
 * HONDA-MRKOS-PAJDUSAKOVA                         1948 X1                    
 * HYAKUTAKE                                       1996 B2                    
 * ICHIMURA                                        1987 W1                    
   IRAS-ARAKI-ALCOCK                               1983 H1                    
   KOPFF                                           1906 Q1                    
 * LEVY                                            1991 L3                    
 * LEVY-RUDENKO                                    1984 V1                    
 * MACHHOLZ 2                                      1994 P1-A                  
 * MCNAUGHT                                        1987 U3                    
 * MCNAUGHT-RUSSELL                                1994 X1                    
   MEIER 80                                        1980 V1                    
 * METCALF-BREWINGTON                              1906 V2                    
 * NISHIKAWA-TAKAMIZAWA-TAGO                       1987 B1                    
 * OKAZAKI-LEVY-RUDENKO                            1989 Q1                    
   PANTHER                                         1980 Y2                    
 * PONS-WINNECKE                                   1858 E1                    
 * SCHAUMASSE                                      1911 X1                    
 * SCHWASSMANN-WACHMANN 1                          1927 V1                    
   SEARGENT                                        1978 T1                    
 * SHOEMAKER-LEVY                                  1991 T2                    
   STEPHAN-OTERMA                                  1942 V1                    
   SUGANO-SAIGUSA-FUJIKAWA                         1983 J1                    
 * SWIFT-TUTTLE                                    1862 O1                    
 * TAKAMIZAWA                                      1984 O1                    
 * TEMPEL 1                                        1867 G1                    
 * TEMPEL 2                                        1873 N1                    
   TUTTLE                                          1858 A1                    
 * WILSON                                          1986 P1                    
 * YANAKA                                          1989 A1                    
 * ZANOTTA-BREWINGTON                              1991 Y1                    
An outline of the CD-ROM is shown in the table below:                         
AAREADME.TXT                      Short introduction to CDROM contents        
VOLDESC.CAT                       Description of files on volume              
/CATALOG/*.CAT                    Mission, host, instrument, data set, & ref  
/DOCUMENT/*.ASC,*.JPG,*.TEX       Manuals and other information               
         /OBSERVATION_LOG/*.ASC,*.JPG Digitized log pages for comet data      
         /IUECAL/*.ASC,*.FIT      Sensitivity calibration for archive         
         /ULDA/*.ASC,*.JPG,*.TAB  Uniform Low Dispersion Archive Guide No. 2  
/EPHEM/*.ASC                      Ephemeris files for selected comets         
/INDEX/*.TAB                      Indexes by experiment or volume             
/DATA/HIGH/YYYY_CC/YEAR/INS/FILE/*.FIT  High dispersion, year dir. optional   
/DATA/LOW/YYYY_CC/YEAR/INS/FILE/*.FIT   Low dispersion, year dir. optional    
[YYYY_CC = IAU comet designation, see correspondence table given above        
INS = LWP,LWR,SWP  FILE (Low) = MXLO,SILO,INES   File (High) = MXHI, SIHI]    
Three forms of data may be included.  The extracted spectra as binary tables  
(INES), resampled images (SILO, SIHI), and raw spectra (MXLO, MXHI). After    
data reached the Small Bodies Node, some file names were changed to meet ISO  
standards. The original files came in FITS format in the form filename.ines   
or filename.silo (sihi, mxlo, mxhi).   As the new filenames had to end in the 
extension "FIT" then FITS became FIT, or for SILO (SIHI, MXLO, MXHI) the first
characters of the old extension were used to replace the second two characters
of the file name; thus SILO (MXLO, SIHI, MXHI) files could end in "FIT" and   
still be unique.  For example:                                                
       SWP12345.SILO   ->       SSI12345.FIT                                  
       SWP12345.MXLO   ->       SMX12345.FIT                                  
The same holds true for LWP and LWR data.                                     
Small Bodies Node                                                             
Department of Astronomy, University of Maryland                               
College Park, MD 20742-2421                                                   
e-mail to; URL-