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   PUBLICATION_DATE            = 2001-03-08                                   
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    This file describes the content of the DOCUMENT directory                 
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***** File DOCINFO.TXT                                                        
   /COMET_LIST/*.TXT     Lists of the comets for which observations           
                         are included in the archive, sorted by comet         
                         name, IAU ID number and periodic comet number.       
   /EPHEM/*.ASC          Ephemerides for each comet, covering the             
                         times of the observations.                           
   /IUE_MANUAL/IUE_MANUAL.ASC    Manual describing the IUE instruments,       
                                 data reduction and archive products          
                                 (from version 2 of the manual)               
              /APPENDIX.ASC      Appendix for the IUE_MANUAL.ASC file         
              /CHAP2_V1.TEX      Chapter 2 (from version 1) of the IUE        
                                 manual, in LaTeX format                      
              /LMACRO.STY        Style file used for compiling the            
                                 CHAPTER2_V1.TEX file                         
              /CHAP2_V1_PDF.PDF  Compiled version of CHAPTER2_V1.TEX,         
                                 in PDF format                                
              /*.JPG             Figures referenced in the IUE Manual         
   /IUECAL/IUECAL.ASC    List and description of files needed for             
                         performing the flux calibration of the IUE data      
          /LWPL*.FIT     Calibration files used for the LWP data              
          /SWPL*.FIT     Calibration files used for the SWP data.             
   /NOT_INCLUDED/OBS_NOT_INCLUDED.TXT  List of files that are not included    
                                       in the archive because of              
                                       contamination, low signal or not       
                                       pointed at the comet.                  
   /OBSERVATION_LOG/*.ASC,*.JPG        Digitized log pages for comet data,    
   /SPATIAL_GEOMETRY/*.TXT,*.PNG       Text and figures describing the        
                                       geometry and layout of the             
                                       spectrograph apertures relative to     
                                       the Fine Error Sensor (FES) Camera     
                                       and the plane of the sky.              
   /ULDA/*.ASC           Selected information from the IUE Uniform Low        
                         Dispersion Archive (ULDA) by M. Festou               
        /*.JPG           Figures referenced in the ULDA text                  
        /TABLE2.TAB      Table 2 from the ULDA                                
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