PDS_VERSION_ID        = PDS3                                                  
RECORD_TYPE           = STREAM                                                
OBJECT                = TEXT                                                  
 NOTE                 = "INDEX DIRECTORY INFORMATION"                         
 PUBLICATION_DATE     = 2005-10-13                                            
END_OBJECT            = TEXT                                                  
Index Directory                                                               
This directory contains two indices:                                          
  index.tab         The index.tab file contains an index into the LWP         
  index.lbl         data set only.  See the index.lbl file for the list       
                    of keywords indexed in this file.  It includes the        
                    required PDS index keywords and a few essential           
                    observational parameters.                                 
  cumindex.tab      The cumindex.tab file contains a cumulative index         
  cumindex.lbl      into all the IUE comet observation volumes.  It is        
                    a concatenation of the index.tab files from all           
                    three volumes (LWP, LWR and SWP).                         
  iueindex.tab      This is a cumulative index of all the files in the        
  iueindex.lbl      three volumes that lists all the observational            
                    parameters recorded in the labels.                        
Apart from directory paths and the volume ID, all fields in the index         
consist of values taken directly from keywords in the label (.lbl) files.     
Only files in the "data/" subdirectories are indexed.  The cumulative         
index has the same record format as the individual data set (LWR, LWP and     
SWP) indices.                                                                 
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