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PDS_VERSION_ID                = PDS3                                          
RECORD_TYPE                   = STREAM                                        
LABEL_REVISION_NOTE           = "2017-09-30, Initial release;                 
OBJECT                        = TEXT                                          
  PUBLICATION_DATE            = 2017-09-30                                    
  NOTE                        = "The New Horizons Solar Wind Around Pluto     
       instrument derived parameters for the Pluto Encounter mission phase of 
       solar wind speed proton density, speed, temperature, dynamic pressure, 
       and thermal pressure.                                                  
END_OBJECT                    = TEXT                                          
Table of Contents                                                             
   Volume Format                                                              
   File Formats                                                               
   Volume Contents                                                            
   Whom to Contact for Information                                            
   This data set contains derived parameters for the solar wind for the       
   Pluto Encounter phase of the New Horizons mission. During this phase the   
   solar wind was not always in the field of view of the Solar Wind Around    
   Pluto (SWAP) instrument.                                                   
   This data set presents a single table of derived results which includes    
   the time information for a given pair of sweeps, the solar wind speed      
   proton density, proton speed, proton temperature, proton dynamic pressure, 
   proton thermal pressure, spacecraft position and speed in Heliographic     
   Inertial (HGI), Heliocentric Aries ecliptic, and Heliographic (Carrington) 
Volume Format                                                                 
   This volume has been formatted according to the PDS Standards Reference    
   3.8 version.                                                               
File Formats                                                                  
   All text documents and other meta information files such as                
   descriptions, PDS object definitions and detached PDS labels are           
   stream format files, with a carriage return (ASCII 13) and a line          
   feed character (ASCII 10) at the end of the record.  This allows           
   the files to be read by most current operating systems.                    
   Data are provided in comma-delimited csv format, with detached PDS labels. 
Volume Contents                                                               
   Files on this volume are organized into a set of sub-directories           
   below the top-level directory. The following table shows the general       
   structure and content of these directories, but does not exhaustively      
   list every file in each directory.  See the *INFO.TXT files in each        
   top-level sub-directory for specific information about                     
   the files under that directory.                                            
   In this table, directory names are surrounded by forward slashes (/),      
   and the top-level of the volume is indicated by a single forward slash.    
   /                       Top level of volume                                
   |-- aareadme.txt        This file                                          
   |-- /catalog/           Directory containing PDS catalog objects.          
   |   |-- catinfo.txt     Description of files in the CATALOG directory.     
   |   |--     Description of this data set.                      
   |   |--          Description of the New Horizons mission.           
   |   |--        Description of the New Horizons spacecraft.        
   |   |--         List of publications relevant to this data set.    
   |   +--        Description of the Swap instrument.                
   |-- /data/              Top-level data directory                           
   |-- /document/          Directory containing dataset-related documents.    
   |   |-- docinfo.txt     Description of files in the DOCUMENT directory.    
   |   +-- *.txt           Documentation files.                               
   |-- /index/             Directory containing index files.                  
   |   |-- checksum.lbl    PDS label for CHECKSUM.TAB                         
   |   |--    MD5 Checksum file for files on this volume.        
   |   |-- index.lbl       PDS label for INDEX.TAB file.                      
   |   |--       Index of data files in this volume.                
   |   +-- indxinfo.txt    Description of files in the INDEX directory        
   +--         Description of the logical contents of this volume.
Whom to Contact for Information                                               
   New Horizons SWAP Principal Investigator:                                  
      David McComas                                                           
      Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory                                     
      P.O. Box 451                                                            
      Princeton, NJ 08543-0451                                                
   New Horizons Science Operations Center (SOC):                              
      Tiffany Finley                                                          
      Southwest Research Institute (SWRI)                                     
      Department of Space Operations                                          
      1050 Walnut Street, Suite 400                                           
      Boulder, CO   80302                                                     
   New Horizons SWAP Science Operations Center (SOC):                         
      Heather Elliott and Joey Mukherjee                                      
      Southwest Research Institute (SwRI)                                     
      Department of Space Science                                             
      6220 Culebra Road                                                       
      San Antonio, TX   78228