PDS_VERSION_ID          = PDS3                                                
RECORD_TYPE             = "STREAM"                                            
OBJECT                  = TEXT                                                
   INTERCHANGE_FORMAT   = "ASCII"                                             
   PUBLICATION_DATE     = 2014-11-07                                          
   NOTE                 = "DOCUMENT directory contents                        
   The information contained in all documents included with, and              
   referenced in, this archive, is an integral part of this archive.          
   N.B. SBN has agreed to accept PDF/A rather than the PDS3-required          
        7-bit ASCII version of critical documents for the New Horizons        
        data set deliveries; therefore the user should not expect to see      
        7-bit, ASCII text versions of the data set documents.  This           
        anomaly is a variation on the normal PDS3 requirements.               
   N.B. Specifically, the information contained in the SOC Instrument         
        Interface Control Document (ICD), and in the documents submitted      
        for publication in Space Science Reviews in 2007, is crucial to       
        understanding the data in this archive.  As such, the producers       
        of this archive have included the best possible version of these      
        documents with this archive.                                          
   * SOC Instrument Interface Control Document (aka the 'ICD')                
     The ICD specifies the interfaces between the New Horizons                
     Science Operations Center (SOC) and the instrument pipeline, which       
     process data from raw to calibrated units.  The ICD's purpose is to      
     define the various aspects of the interfaces in sufficient detail        
     to establish a clear understanding between the SOC and the               
     instrument team to allow for parallel pipeline development.              
     In addition to mission-wide information, the ICD contains an entire      
     section devoted to the details of the ALICE instrument.  The             
     most important aids provided to the user of this archive by the ICD      
       * Detailed descriptions of the data files that comprise the            
         data portion of this archive.                                        
       * Detailed descriptions of the calibration methodology of the          
         ALICE instrument data.                                               
       * Overview descriptions of the ALICE instrument theory                 
         and operation.                                                       
       * References to more detailed documentation.                           
   * ALICE Space Sciences Review documents (aka 'SSR paper(s)')               
     Scientific papers describing the New Horizons mission,                   
     spacecraft, mission design, payload and instruments were submitted       
     to the publication 'Space Science Reviews' in 2007 after the Jupiter     
     encounter; refer to the references catalog for full citations.           
     The ALICE Instrument and Payload overview SSR papers, i.e.               
       Stern, S. Alan, et al., 2007 [STERNETAL2007]                           
       Weaver et al., 2007 [WEAVERETAL2007],                                  
     provide details of the ALICE theory, design, ground testing,             
     ground calibration, operational considerations, and post-launch          
     checkout results.                                                        
END_OBJECT              = TEXT                                                
        DOCUMENT Directory Contents                                           
The DOCUMENT directory includes various files that may provide information    
about any of the mission, the spacecraft, the payload, and the data files on  
this volume or in this data set.  This listing includes all PDS labels        
under this directory.  Every other file is either explicitly listed or        
generally listed (with an asterisk in the name) and described.                
See the PDS label files for complete listings.                                
   +->SOC_INST_ICD.LBL            PDS label for                               
   |                               NH SOC to Instrument Pipeline ICD ***      
   +->SOC_INST_ICD.PDF            SOC Instrument ICD, PDF format              
   +->SOC_INST_INTRO.PDF           " (intro sections 1-6)                     
   +->SOC_INST_ACROABBR.PDF        " (acronyms and abbrevs.)                  
   +->SOC_INST_ALICE.PDF           " (instrument -specific)                   
   |                              - PDFA/1a format                            
   |                              ***N.B. The Interface Control Document      
   |                                      (ICD) is an important document      
   |                                      for interpreting the data in        
   |                                      this archive data set.              
   +->ALICE_SSR.LBL               PDS label for ALICE SSR paper               
   +->ALICE_SSR.PDF               ALICE Space Science Review (SSR) paper      
   |                              - PDFA/1a format                            
   |                              ***N.B. The ALICE SSR paper is              
   |                                      an important document for           
   |                                      interpreting the data in this       
   |                                      archive dataset.                    
   +->PAYLOAD_SSR.LBL            PDS label for Payload Space Science Review   
   |                              (SSR) paper                                 
   +->PAYLOAD_SSR.PDF            Payload Space Science Review paper           
   |                              - PDFA/1a format                            
   +->/SAMPLES/                  Sub-directory with ASCII subsets of          
   |   |                          samples of data extracted from              
   |   |                          binary data files                           
   |   |                                                                      
   |   +->SAMPINFO.TXT             Description of SAMPLES/ sub directory      
   |   +->ALICE_SAMPLES.LBL         PDS detached label for samples            
   |   +->*.ASC                    Samples of binary data in ASCII format     
   |                                - See ALICE_SAMPLES.LBL and               
   |                                  SAMPINFO.TXT for details                
   +->SEQ_ALICE_PLUTOCRUISE.TAB   Sequence summary table                      
   +->SEQ_ALICE_PLUTOCRUISE.LBL   Label for "; read label for description     
   +->NH_MISSION_TRAJECTORY.TAB   NH Spacecraft mission trajectory            
   +->NH_MISSION_TRAJECTORY.LBL   Label for "; read label for description     
   +->NH_TRAJECTORY.TAB           NH Spacecraft Jupiter-relative trajectory   
   +->NH_TRAJECTORY.LBL           Label for "; read label for description     
   |                              N.B. Intended for use mainly with Jupiter   
   |                                   data sets, but included with all       
   |                                   data sets.                             
   +->NH_MET2UTC.TAB              Conversion table btw S/C MET & UTC          
   +->NH_MET2UTC.LBL              Label for "                                 
   +->NH_FOV.PNG                  NH pre-flight Field-Of-View figure; JPG     
   +->NH_FOV.LBL                  Label for "                                 
   +->NH_ALICE_V###_TI.TXT        ALICE SPICE I-Kernel as documentation       
   +->QUAT_AXYZ_INSTR_TO_J2K.ASC  Quaternion description target for PDS       
   |                                label pointer QUATERNION_DESC.            
   +->QUAT_AXYZ_INSTR_TO_J2K.LBL  Label for "                                 
   +->LUNINEETAL1995.PDF          Pluto-Kuiper backgound report; PDF/A-1a     
   +->LUNINEETAL1995.LBL          Label for "                                 
   +->PDSDD_INSERT_NEWH*.TXT      Insert text for PDS Data Dictionary         
   +->DOCINFO.TXT                 This file                                   
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