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  PUBLICATION_DATE            = 2017-04-30                                    
  NOTE                        = "The NH REX pluto cruise                      
                                 Raw VERSION 2.0                              
                                 Data Archive                                 
                                 Be sure to read the Required Reading         
                                 note below before using the data in          
                                 this archive.                                
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The NH REX PLUTOCRUISE Raw VERSION 2.0 Data Archive                           
Table of Contents                                                             
   Required Reading                                                           
   Volume Format                                                              
   File Formats                                                               
   Volume Contents                                                            
   Whom to Contact for Information                                            
   Extensive preparation is necessary to properly understand and interpret    
   the data in this data set.  Very little data set-specific detail is        
   provided here; this file is only intended as a brief introduction to the   
   volume structure of the files in this data set. Refer to the Required      
   Reading section below for further guidance.                                
Science data content                                                          
   This document is a volume structure overview of the New Horizons (NH)      
   REX PLUTOCRUISE Raw VERSION 2.0 Flight Data Archive.                       
   The New Horizons (NH) Radio Science Experiment (REX) instrument measures   
   radio signals and comprises two Elements.  The primary investigation       
   uses radio signals from the NASA Deep Space Network (DSN; Ground Element)  
   received by REX (Flight Element) onboard the NH spacecraft; the direction  
   of transmission is exclusively uplink from Earth to REX.  The analysis     
   method detects phase perturbations as the signal path moves through the    
   atmosphere or crosses the limb of a target body.                           
   Ancillary investigations are radiometry of 4cm-wavelength thermal          
   emission using only the Flight Element, and of gravitational parameters    
   using round-trip Earth-spacecraft-Earth measurements with tracking data    
   from the NH Radio Science Subsystem (tracking data will be archived in     
   separate, non-REX data sets).                                              
During the Pluto Cruise mission phase, the New Horizons project performed a   
series of Annual CheckOuts (ACOs).  REX operations comprised tests to         
determine basic functionality and performance, including test patterns,       
reception of DSN uplink signals for evaluating inflight REX system gain,      
linearity, stability of the composite uplink, USO, and REX receiver chain,    
characterizing the REX bandpass frequency response, and searching for any     
spurious signals in the REX passband.  In addition, two occultations of the   
Earth's moon were performed to provide sample data and experience in          
performing occultation inversion in preparation for the Pluto/Charon          
Boilerplate disclaimer                                                        
   All NH Raw and Calibrated data sets were generated in similar fashion by   
   an automated pipeline; as such, all of the information that follows is     
   boilerplate common to all such NH data sets, with pointers to locations    
   in this data set where more information can be found.  Refer to the data   
   set catalog (CATALOG/DATASET.CAT) and documentation (DOCUMENT/), as well   
   as the Required Reading referred to below, plus the files pointed to, for  
   information specific to the instrument and data of this data set.          
Required Reading                                                              
   Almost all of the New Horizons instruments have complex modes of           
   operation and complex, multi-part data products; users who want to         
   properly understand these data should expect to spend a significant        
   effort (at least a day per instrument) reading about and researching the   
   instrument, the data and the PDS product formats.  To support that, the    
   data producer has provided a Required Reading list as a starting point     
   directing the user to NH data set documentation; refer to the              
   DOCUMENT/AAA_GENERIC_README/AAARINFO.TXT file for more detail.             
Volume Format                                                                 
   This volume has been formatted according to the PDS Standards Reference    
   3.8 version current as of the publication date of this data set.           
File Formats                                                                  
   All text documents and other meta information files such as                
   descriptions, PDS object definitions and detached PDS labels are           
   stream format files, with a carriage return (ASCII 13) and a line          
   feed character (ASCII 10) at the end of the record.  This allows           
   the files to be read by most current operating systems.                    
   Data are provided in FITS format with detached PDS labels.  See the        
   DOCUMENT/AAA_GENERIC_README/AAARINFO.TXT file for a PDS label overview     
   and pointers to suggested FITS & PDS software packages.                    
Volume Contents                                                               
   Files on this volume are organized into a set of sub-directories           
   below the top-level directory. The following table shows the general       
   structure and content of these directories, but does not exhaustively      
   list every file in each directory.  See the *INFO.TXT files in each        
   top-level sub-directory for specific information about the files           
   under that directory.                                                      
   In this table, directory names are surrounded by forward slashes (/),      
   and the top-level of the volume is indicated by a single forward slash.    
   Refer to the data set catalog (CATALOG/DATASET.CAT) and the file           
   AAA_GENERIC_README/AAARINFO.TXT for a description of DATA/ sub-directory   
   naming conventions, data filenames and product IDs                         
   /                     Top level of volume                                  
   +-- AAREADME.TXT      The AAREADME file; a backup is in /DOCUMENT/         
   |--/CATALOG/            Directory containing PDS catalog objects.          
   |  |                                                                       
   |  +-- CATINFO.TXT        Description of files in the CATALOG directory.   
   |  +-- *.*                Catalog files                                    
   +--/DATA/               Top-level data directory                           
   |  |                                                                       
   |  +--DATAINFO.TXT        Description of /DATA/ sub-directory              
   |  +--/TNF/               Sub-directories of data with tracking files      
   |  |  |                                                                    
   |  |  +-- *.LBL             Data product PDS labels                        
   |  |  +-- *.*               Tracking data products                         
   |  |                                                                       
   |  +--/YYYYMMDD_MET/      Sub-directories of /DATA/ containing data files  
   |     |                                                                    
   |     +-- *.LBL             Data product PDS labels                        
   |     +-- *.FIT             Data product data files (FITS format)          
   +--/DOCUMENT/           Directory containing dataset-related documents.    
   |  |                                                                       
   |  +-- /AAA_GENERIC_README/  Sub-directory of pointers to more             
   |  |   |                     information about NH data sets                
   |  |   |                                                                   
   |  |   +-- AAARINFO.TXT        Description of files in this sub-directory  
   |  |   +-- *.*                 Pointers to more information                
   |  |                                                                       
   |  +-- AAREADME_BU.TXT    A backup of the top-level /AAREADME.TXT file     
   |  +-- DOCINFO.TXT        Description of files in the DOCUMENT directory.  
   |  +-- *.*                Documentation files                              
   |  |                                                                       
   |  +--/SAMPLES/           Sub-directory containing data samples            
   |  |  |                                                                    
   |  |  +-- SAMPINFO.TXT      Description of files in the SAMPLES dir.       
   |  |  +-- *.*               Data sample files and documentation            
   |  |                                                                       
   |  +-- /*/                Additional documentation sub-directories         
   |     |                   - Not present in all data sets                   
   |     |                                                                    
   |     +-- *.*               Additional documentation files                 
   +-- ERRATA.TXT        Documentation of errors discovered post-delivery     
   |                     - ERRATA.TXT is not present in all data sets         
   +--/EXTRAS/             Top-level directory containing extra files         
   |  |                                                                       
   |  +-- EXTRAINFO.TXT      Description of files in the EXTRAS/ directory    
   |  +-- *.*                EXTRAS/ files                                    
   +--/INDEX/              Directory containing index files.                  
   |  |                                                                       
   |  +-- INDXINFO.TXT       Description of files in the INDEX directory      
   |  +-- *.*                Index files and labels                           
   +-- VOLDESC.CAT       Description of the logical contents of this volume.  
Whom to Contact for Information                                               
   New Horizons REX Principal Investigator:                                   
      Ivan Linscott                                                           
      David Packard Building - Room 319                                       
      350 Serra Mall                                                          
      Stanford, CA   94305-9515                                               
   New Horizons Science Operations Center (SOC):                              
      Tiffany Finley                                                          
      Southwest Research Institute (SwRI)                                     
      Department of Space Operations                                          
      1050 Walnut Street, Suite 400                                           
      Boulder, CO   80302