PDS_VERSION_ID          = PDS3                                                
RECORD_TYPE             = "STREAM"                                            
OBJECT                  = TEXT                                                
   INTERCHANGE_FORMAT   = ASCII                                               
   PUBLICATION_DATE     = 2019-04-22                                          
   NOTE                 = "INDEX directory contents"                          
END_OBJECT              = TEXT                                                
        INDEX Directory Contents                                              
The INDEX directory includes ASCII index tables that provide information      
about each data file on this volume or in this data set.  All fields in       
the INDEX tables are separated by commas, and character fields enclosed in    
double quotation marks so the tables may be easily imported into              
spreadsheet programs.                                                         
  INDXINFO.TXT  - This file                                                   
  INDEX.TAB  - Required index table that identifies the location of           
                  each data file on this volume.                              
  INDEX.LBL  - PDS detached label for INDEX.TAB.                              
  CHECKSUM.TAB  - Table containing MD5 checksums for each file on             
                    this volume, excluding itself and CHECKSUM.LBL            
  CHECKSUM.LBL  - PDS detached label for CHECKSUM.TAB.                        
  SLIMINDX.TAB - Narrow version of INDEX.TAB, less than 90-characters wide.   
  SLIMINDX.LBL - PDS detached label for SLIMINDX.TAB                          
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