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  2017-03-09   A. Raugh: Minor editing for review preparation.                
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  PUBLICATION_DATE            = 2017-03-30                                    
  NOTE                        = "The NH SWAP solar wind                       
                                 derived parameters                           
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This data set contains derived parameters for the solar wind for those        
phases of the New Horizons mission during which the Solar Wind Around         
Pluto (SWAP) instrument when the solar wind beam was fully within the         
SWAP field of view.  Specifically, this data set does not include             
results from when the spacecraft was inside the Pluto system.  Data           
from inside the Pluto system will be analyzed and published as a              
separate data set.                                                            
This data set presents a single table of derived results which includes       
the time information for a given pair of sweeps, the solar wind speed         
proton density, proton speed, proton temperature, proton dynamic pressure,    
proton thermal pressure, spacecraft position and speed in Heliographic        
Inertial (HGI), Heliocentric Aries ecliptic, and Heliographic (Carrington)    
Whom to Contact for Information                                               
   New Horizons SWAP Principal Investigator:                                  
     David McComas, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory                       
      David McComas                                                           
      Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory                                     
      P.O. Box 451                                                            
      Princeton, NJ 08543-0451                                                
      GPS: 100 Stellarator Road                                               
      Princeton, NJ, 08540                                                    
   New Horizons Science Operation Center (SOC):                               
      Tiffany Finley                                                          
      Southwest Research Institute (SWRI)                                     
      Department of Space Operations                                          
      1050 Walnut Street, Suite 400                                           
      Boulder, CO   80302                                                     
   New Horizons SWAP Science Operation Center (SOC):                          
      Heather Elliott and Joey Mukherjee                                      
      Southwest Research Institute (SwRI)                                     
      Department of Space Science                                             
      6220 Culebra Road                                                       
      San Antonio, TX   78228