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Document Contents                                                             
This directory contains all relevant - and perhaps some irrelevant -          
documentation included in the original PHB_1001 PDS1 test disk.  The          
following files are included:                                                 
  aareadme.txt    The aareadme.txt file that was in the root of the           
                  PHB_1001 volume.  It includes some general information      
                  about keywords, file naming conventions and such.           
  catalog.lbl     The catalog.lbl from from the label/ directory of the       
                  original PHB_1001 test disk  This file contains the         
                  PDS1-style catalog information for the mission,             
                  spacecraft and instruments.  Later versions of the          
                  standard simplified these catalog objects and separated     
                  them each into its own file.                                
  dataset.lbl     The dataset.lbl from from the label/ directory of the       
                  original PHB_1001 test disk  This file contains the         
                  catalog information for each data set in the original       
                  volume (note that there is a typographical error in         
                  the ID of one of the termoskan data sets - they should      
                  both contain "-2-", but one contains "-1-" instead).        
                  Later versions of the PDS standards pulled this             
                  information out into separate files in a slightly           
                  different format.                                           
  psdd.txt        A description of the files in the dictnry/ subdirectory,    
                  which together constitute a snapshot of the PDS data        
                  dictionary used to create the labels found attached or      
                  adjacent to the other files on the disk.                    
  voldesc.sfd     The voldesc.sfd file from the original PHB_1001 test        
                  volume.  Later versions of the PDS standard replaced        
                  this file with the "voldesc.cat" file.                      
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This volume contains selected data sets from the 1989 Soviet 
Phobos mission to Mars, together with ancillary information 
produced by NASA Planetary Data System personnel. This disk 
is made for test purposes only, as a demonstration of PDS 
and NAIF (Navigation Ancillary Information Facility) 
techniques and standards for production of archive-quality 
data sets.

The data included on this disk are: 1) images from the VSK 
experiment (Mars and Phobos); 2) images from the Termoskan 
experiment (Mars); 3) spectrophotometric data from the KRFM 
experiment (Mars); 4) selected kernels produced using the 
SPICE system (geometry data). A set of PDS Catalog 
'templates' have been included, which capture documentation 
about the Phobos spacecraft, the Phobos mission, the 
instruments responsible for the data sets included here, and 
the data sets themselves. The PDS Data Dictionary document 
is included to aid data management personnel who desire to 
use this data base.  The image processing software IMDISP, 
which runs on IBM-compatible computers, is included. 
Additionally, the complete SPICE Toolkit of FORTRAN software 
is included. These assorted data sets and other information 
are arranged in directories, as follows: 

The producer wishes to thank the following personnel for 
their substantial contributions to this test disk: 
	M. Cribbs		PDS staff 
	C. Acton		NAIF 
	B. Betts		Cal Tech 
	K. Marski		PDS staff 
	M. Martin		PDS project engineer 
	T. Duxbury	JPL 
	A. Zakharov	IKI, Moscow 
	B. Zhukov		IKI 
	Y. Gektin		ISDE, Moscow 
	L. Ksanfomality IKI 
	A. Dyachkov	IKI 
	V. Heifetz	IKI 
	B. Semenov	IKI 
	N. Havenson	IKI 
	A. Kuzmin		IKI 
	Yu. Zaiko		Babakin, Moscow 
	S. Kudryavtsev	FCC, Moscow 
	A. Tuschin	IAM, Moscow 
	V. Khoukhoren	IAM 
	S. McMahon	PDS project manager 
	Y. Fletcher	PDS mission products 	


This disc has been formatted for use on IBM-PC and 
compatible computers.


According to PDS file naming conventions, files that have 
the .tab conventions are files in a tabular format that have 
detailed descriptions elsewhere in the same subdirectory.  
The files that provide these descriptions have the extention 
.lbl.  Thus, in the INDEX subdirectories, readers will note 
pairs of files with the same file name, but with extensions 
of .tab and .lbl.  

Files with the extension .dat also exist.  On this disc 
these are ancillary data files that assist investigators in 
the understanding of data sets.

Files with the extension .txt are ASCII text files that 
provide explanations of data on the disc.


General information about the data on this disc may be found 
in the LABEL subdirectory.  The catalog.lbl file includes 
PDS templates that describe the Phobos mission and the 
Phobos 2 spacecrafts and its instruments.  The dataset.lbl 
file contains information on each data set on the disc.


Definitions for all keywords used in PDS labels may be found 
in the Planetary Science Data Dictionary (PSDD).  The 
dictionary has been provided on this disc in the DOCUMENT 
subdirectory.  It is formatted as a set of delimited-ASCII 
tables, in order to allow the users easy loading into a 
relational database system.  The original PSDD was 
maintained on a personal computer using the Paradox 3.5 
relational database software package.  In the form provided, 
it may be loaded onto any relational database system.

The Planetary Science Data Dictionary is also available in
book form.  For information about the book, or about this
electronic copy, the reader may contact:

Planetary Data System Central Node
M/S 525-361
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
4800 Oak Grove Drive
Pasadena, California  91109  USA

Electronic mail inquiries may be routed through Dr. Terry 
Martin at JPLPDS::TZMARTIN on the SPAN network.


In the following illustration of the disc directory and 
contents, directories are indicated in capital letters.  
Selected file names are indicated in lower case letters.  
When file names are not indicated, descriptive comments 
are provided in parentheses.

  - voldesc.sfd (volume object)
  - aareadme.txt

		- IMDISP (image display software)
		- NAIFTOOL (NAIF toolkit and other software) 
				- SOURCE
			- EXE
			- LIB
				- SOURCE
			- PREC
				- SOURCE
				- DOC
				- REQ
				- SOURCE
				- SOURCE
			- UG
				- SOURCE

	- DOCUMENT (Planetary Science Data Dictionary)
	  - psdd.txt (guide to the data dictionary)
			- (all PSDD data files)

	  - ts.txt
		-  RAW_IMG
			- TS raw image data files  
			- detached labels
			- TS edited image data files (including image
			- detached labels
		-  CALIB
			-  calib.txt
			-  dntotemp.txt

	- VSK
			- geomnote.txt
			- geom.dat 
			- (image data files with attached labels)
		-  INDEX
			- vskindx.lbl
			- vskindx.tab

		- (KRFM data files) 
		- (detached labels)

		- (SPICE kernels)

		- catalog.lbl  
		(includes mission, spacecraft, and instrument   	
		- dataset.lbl  (all dataset templates)