PDS_VERSION_ID      = PDS3                                                 
RECORD_TYPE         = STREAM                                               

OBJECT                        = TEXT
  PUBLICATION_DATE            = 2015-11-21
  NOTE                        = "Description of the DOCUMENT
     directory contents for the MUPUS SDL archive"
END_OBJECT                    = TEXT

Directory Contents

The DOCUMENT directory contains documentation files for the 
MUPUS data for separation descent and landing mission phase (SDL3).
The files listed below are found in this directory.                       

EAICD_MUPUS.PDF : MUPUS EAICD Issue 1.2                     
RO-LMU-SW-V74.PDF : MUPUS onboard software v7.0 to v7.4     
MUPUS_CALIBRATION_DESC.ASC : Calibration information         
                                           for MUPUS calibrated data      
TIMELINE_SDL_RBD_FSS.TXT : Timeline Ascii file with the 
                                         PDS label attached for phases 
                                         SDL, RBD, FSS                   
TIMELINE_SDL_RBD_FSS_DESC.TXT : Description of the 
                                              timeline file    
TIMELINE_SDL_RBD_FSS_1.PNG : Timeline image file of Philae activities
                             for SDL, RBD, FSS    
TIMELINE_SDL_RBD_FSS_2.PNG : Timeline image file of Philae instruments
                             data for SDL, RBD, FSS    
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