PDS_VERSION_ID        = PDS3                                                  
LABEL_REVISION_NOTE   = "SONC, 2009-06-18"                                    
RECORD_TYPE           = STREAM                                                
OBJECT                = TEXT                                                  
  INTERCHANGE_FORMAT  = ASCII                                                 
  PUBLICATION_DATE    = 2009-03-12                                            
  NOTE                = "Description of contents in the CATALOG               
END_OBJECT            = TEXT                                                  
           Content Description of the CATALOG Subdirectory                    
The CATALOG subdirectory on this dataset volume contains the completed        
catalog objects associated with the SD2 instrument archive. These             
objects contain a high level description about the data set and are           
coded in the Object Description Language (ODL).  Following is a list          
of the catalog objects contained in this subdirectory and a                   
description of each:                                                          
FILE               DESCRIPTION                                                
 ----------   -------------------------------------------------------         
CATINFO.TXT   This file                                                       
DATASET.CAT   Contains information on the SD2 dataset                         
INST.CAT      Contains  information for SD2 instrument                        
INSTHOST.CAT  Contains instrument host information (ROSETTA-Lander)           
MISSION.CAT   Contains mission information (ROSETTA).                         
PERSON.CAT    Contains information about the SD2 personnel                    
REF.CAT Contains reference information                                  
SOFTWARE.CAT  Contains reference to SD2 EGSE software stored into EXTRAS      
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