PDS_VERSION_ID         = PDS3                                                 
RECORD_TYPE            = "STREAM"                                             
OBJECT                 = TEXT                                                 
  PUBLICATION_DATE     = 2013-01-23                                           
  NOTE                 = "/CATALOG/ directory information"                    
END_OBJECT             = TEXT                                                 
        /CATALOG/ Directory                                                   
The files in this /CATALOG/ directory contain fundamental high-level          
information about this Lutetia shape model data set.  Prior to using and      
understanding any data from this data set, at a minimum the following         
catalog files must be read:                                                   
  OSINAC_INST.CAT        - OSIRIS NAC instrument                              
  OSIWAC_INST.CAT        - OSIRIS WAC instrument                              
  INSTHOST.CAT           - Rosetta spacecraft                                 
  MISSION.CAT            - Rosetta mission                                    
  DATASET.CAT            - Shape model data                                   
The order given above is in generally increasing specificity of the           
information with respect to this data set, but the order is less important    
than that all of those files be read.                                         
The files are in 7-bit ASCII format, with carriage-return and linefeed line   
termination, and so may be read with a text editor or browser on most         
There will also be other documents, referred to in those catalog files        
and/or in the /DOCUMENT/ directory (see /DOCUMENT/DOCINFO.TXT), which are     
also part of the essential reading necessary to understand and use these      
Further information may be found via the references in REFERENCES.CAT and     
the people in PERSONNEL.CAT.                                                  
        /CATALOG/ Directory Contents                                          
The CATALOG directory contains high-level catalog objects for this Lutetia    
shape model data set.  Catalog objects are often updated as more precise      
information becomes available.  For the latest versions of these files,       
please consult the Planetary Data System Data Set Catalog available on the    
PDS web site at:                                                              
The following files are found in this directory:                              
CATINFO.TXT       - This file                                                 
MISSION.CAT       - High-level catalog object for the Rosetta mission         
INSTHOST.CAT      - High-level catalog object for the Rosetta spacecraft      
OSINAC_INST.CAT   - High-level catalog object for the OSIRIS Narrow Angle     
                    Camera (NAC) Instrument                                   
OSIWAC_INST.CAT   - High-level catalog object for the OSIRIS Wide Angle       
                    Camera (WAC) Instrument                                   
DATASET.CAT       - High-level catalog object for this data set               
PERSONNEL.CAT     - High-level catalog object for personnel involved in       
                    creating this dataset                                     
REFERENCES.CAT    - Bibliographic citations for reference works cited in      
                    the catalog objects                                       
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