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DOCUMENT Directory Contents                                                   
The DOCUMENT directory contains information about the Lutetia shape model.    
DOCINFO.TXT                  - This file.                                     
PLATE_SHAPE_DEFINITION.ASC   - Description of the format adopted by the PDS   
                               SBN for shape models of small bodies           
LUTETIA_***.PNG              - Images of shape model as seen along the        
                               primary axes, with the coordinate system       
RES_LUTETIA_***_CART.PNG     - Images of the shape model showing the different
                               resolution versions.                           
LUTETIA_SEAM.PNG             - Image showing the discontinuous seam around    
                               the waist of the model.                        
LUTETIA_HOLES.PNG            - Image showing the discontinuous holes on the   
LUTETIA-ROTATION.PDF         - Document describing the rotation state of      
                               asteroid Lutetia.                              
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