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PDS_VERSION_ID                   = PDS3                                       
RECORD_TYPE                      = STREAM                                     
SPACECRAFT_NAME                  = ROSETTA                                    
OBJECT                           = TEXT                                       
   NOTE                          = "Overview of the content"                  
   PUBLICATION_DATE              = 2009-10-02                                 
   DESCRIPTION                   = "AAREADME.TXT File for data set:           
                        ROSETTA-ORBITER STEINS ROSINA- 2 ENGINEERING V1.0"    
END_OBJECT                       = TEXT                                       
ROSINA ARCHIVE FOR THE EARLY MISSION PHASES                                   
1. Introduction                                                               
This archive contains engineering data of the ROSINA instrument on ROSETTA. It
also contains documentation which describes the ROSINA mass spectra and the   
related instruments and detectors.                                            
The ROSINA mass spectra archived in this data set are the exact products as   
described in the ROSINA Experiment to Archive Interface Document(EAICD),      
version 1.2. Supporting documentation and label files                         
conform to the Planetary Data System (PDS) Standards, Version 3.6, Jet        
Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) document JPL D-7669, Part 2.                      
Additional information about the ROSINA experiment can be found in documents  
on ESA's file servers and from the PDS Small bodies Node.                     
2. Volume format                                                              
3. File formats                                                               
The ROSINA experiment produces two kind of data, mass spectra and pressure    
records. All data files are in pure ASCII and use up to two TABLE objects with
attached labels. The RECORD_TYPE is fixed length with 80 bytes records.       
Structure pointers, which describe the table COLUMNs, are defined in          
the labels in order to keep it easy readable.                                 
All document files (exept PDF format) contain 80-byte fixed-length records,   
with a carriage return character (ASCII 13) in the 79th byte and a line feed  
character (ASCII 10) in the 80th byte. This allows the files to be read by the
MacOS, DOS, Unix, and VMS operating systems. All tabular files are described  
by attached PDS labels.                                                       
Tabular files are formatted so that they may be read directly into many       
database management systems on various computers. All fields are separated by 
commas, and character fields are enclosed in double quotation marks (").      
Character fields are left justified, and numeric fields are right justified.  
The "start byte" and "bytes" values listed in the labels do not include the   
commas between fields or the quotation marks surrounding character fields. The
records are of fixed length, and the last two bytes of each record contain the
ASCII carriage return and line feed characters. This allows a table to be     
treated as a fixed length record file on computers that support this file type
and as a normal text file on other computers.                                 
PDS labels are object-oriented. The object to which the label refers (e.g.,   
IMAGE, TABLE, etc.) is denoted by a statement of the form:                    
        ^object = location                                                    
in which the carat character (^, also called a pointer in this context)       
indicates that the object starts at the given location. In an attached label, 
the location is an integer representing the starting record number of the     
object (the first record in the file is record 1). In a detached label, the   
location denotes the name of the file containing the object, along with the   
starting record or byte number. For example:                                  
        ^TABLE = "INDEX.TAB"                                                  
indicates that the TABLE object points to the file INDEX.TAB .                
Pointers to data objects are always required to be located in the same        
directory as the label file, so the file INDEX.TAB in this example is located 
in the same directory as the detached label file.                             
Other types of pointer statements can also be found in this dataset.To resolve
the pointer statement, first look in the same directory as the file containing
the pointer statement. If the pointer is still unresolved, look in the        
following top level directory:                                                
^ STRUCTURE - LABEL directory                                                 
^ CATALOG - CATALOG directory                                                 
^DATA_SET_MAP_PROJECTION - CATALOG directory                                  
^DESCRIPTION - DOCUMENT directory.                                            
Below is a list of the possible formats for the ^object keyword.              
        ^object = n                                                           
        ^object = n                    (used for our TABLES)                  
        ^object = "filename.ext"              (used for COLUMN definitions)   
        ^object = ("filename.ext",n)                                          
        ^object = ("filename.ext",n)                                          
        n          is the starting record or byte number of the object,       
                   counting from the beginning of the file (record 1,         
                   byte 1)                                                    
            indicates that the number given is in units of bytes              
        filename   is the upper-case file name                                
        ext        is the upper-case file extension                           
4. Dataset contents                                                           
The files in this dataset are organized in one top level directory with       
several subdirectories. The following table shows the structure and content of
these directories. In the table, directory names are enclosed in square       
brackets ([]), upper-case letters indicate an actual directory or file name,  
and lower-case letters indicate the general form of a set of directory or file
FILE                             CONTENTS                                     
Top-level directory                                                           
|- AAREADME.TXT                  The file you are reading.                    
|- ERRATA.TXT                    Description of known anomalies and errors    
|                                present on this dataset.                     
|- VOLDESC.CAT                   Dataset volume description                   
|- [CATALOG]                     A directory containing information about the 
|      |                         ROSINA dataset.                              
|      |                                                                      
|      |- CATINFO.TXT            Description of files in the CATALOG          
|      |                         directory.                                   
|      |                                                                      
|      |- DATASET.CAT            PDS dataset catalog object. A description    
|      |                         of the dataset, parameters, processing, data 
|      |                         coverage and quality.                        
|      |- PERSONNEL.CAT          Personnel involved in the data production.   
|      |                                                                      
|      |                                                                      
|      |- REFERENCE.CAT          Listing of cited references                  
|      |                                                                      
|      |                                                                      
|      |- INSTHOST.CAT           Spacecraft overview (inserted by ESA)        
|      |                                                                      
|      |                                                                      
|      |- MISSION.CAT            Mission descriptions (inserted by ESA)       
|      |                                                                      
|      |                                                                      
|      |- INSTRUMENT.CAT         ROSINA instrument description                
|      |                                                                      
|      |                                                                      
|      |- TARGET.CAT             Target information                           
|      |                                                                      
|      |                                                                      
|      |- SOFTWARE.CAT           Sofware description                          
|- [DATA]                        A directory containing ROSINA data files.    
|      |- [COPS]                 Directories containing COPS data files       
|      |      |- [BG]            Directory containing files from Both Gauges  
|      |      |                                                               
|      |      |- [NG]            Directory with files from the Nude Gauge     
|      |      |                                                               
|      |      |- [RG]            Directory with files from the Ram Gauge      
|      |      |                                                               
|      |      |- [SN]            Directory containing data from the Nude Gauge
|      |      |                  science mode                                 
|      |      |                                                               
|      |      |- [SR]            Directory containing data from the Ram Gauge 
|      |                         science mode                                 
|      |                                                                      
|      |- [DFMS]                 Directories containing DFMS data files       
|      |      |- [CE]            Directory containing files from CEM detector 
|      |      |                                                               
|      |      |- [FA]            Directory containing files from FAR detector 
|      |      |                                                               
|      |      |- [MC]            Directory containing files from MCP detector 
|      |                                                                      
|      |- [RTOF]                 Directories containing RTOF data files       
|             |- [OS]            Directory with files from Orthogonal Source  
|             |                                                               
|             |- [SS]            Directory with files from Storage Source     
|- [DOCUMENT]                    A directory containing document files        
|                                relating to this CD-ROM                      
|      |                                                                      
|      |- DOCINFO.TXT            Description of files in the DOCUMENT         
|                                directory.                                   
|- [INDEX]                       A directory containing index files relating  
|      |                         to this disk.                                
|      |                                                                      
|      |- INDEX.LBL              A PDS detached label describing INDEX.TAB.   
|      |                                                                      
|      |- INDEX.TAB              Tabular summary of data files.               
|      |                                                                      
|      |- INDXINFO.TXT           Description of files in the INDEX directory. 
|- [LABEL]                       A directory containing label and include     
|      |                         files from the attached labels               
|      |                                                                      
|      |- LABINFO.TXT            Description of files in the LABEL direcotory 
|      |                                                                      
|      |- COPS_DATA.FMT          COPS Science PDS label                       
|      |                                                                      
|      |- COPS_HK.FMT            COPS Housekeeping PDS label                  
|      |                                                                      
|      |- DFMS_CE_DATA.FMT       DFMS Cem Science PDS label                   
|      |                                                                      
|      |- DFMS_FA_DATA.FMT       DFMS Faraday Cup Science PDS label           
|      |                                                                      
|      |- DFMS_MC_DATA.FMT       DFMS MCP Science PDS label                   
|      |                                                                      
|      |- DFMS_HK.FMT            DFMS Housekeeping PDS label                  
|      |                                                                      
|      |- RTOF_DATA.FMT          RTOF Science PDS label                       
|      |                                                                      
|      |- RTOF_HK.FMT            RTOF Housekeeping PDS label                  
6.Errata and Disclaimer                                                       
A cumulative list of anomalies and errors is maintained in the file ERRATA.TXT
at the root directory of this dataset.                                        
Although considerable care has gone into making this dataset, errors are both 
possible and likely. Users of the data are advised to exercise the same       
caution as they would when dealing with any other unknown data set.           
Reports of errors or difficulties would be appreciated. Please contact one of 
the persons listed herein.                                                    
7. Whom to Contact for Information                                            
For questions concerning this dataset, data products and documentation:       
University of Bern, Timm Riesen, Physics Institute                            
Division of Space Research and Planetary Sciences                             
Sidlerstrasse 5                                                               
CH-3012 Bern                                                                  
Phone: (+41 31) 631-4415                                                      
Fax:   (+41 31) 631-4405                                                      
For questions concerning the generation of ROSINA products:                   
University of Bern, Thierry Sémon, Physics Institute                          
Division of Space Research and Planetary Sciences                             
Sidlerstrasse 5                                                               
CH-3012 Bern                                                                  
Phone: (+41 31) 631-4425                                                      
Fax:   (+41 31) 631-4405                                                      
For questions concerning ROSINA data:                                         
University of Bern, Kathrin Altwegg, Physics Institute                        
Division of Space Research and Planetary Sciences                             
Sidlerstrasse 5                                                               
CH-3012 Bern                                                                  
Phone: (+41 31) 631-4420                                                      
Fax:   (+41 31) 631-4405