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PDS_VERSION_ID = PDS3                                                         
RECORD_TYPE  = STREAM                                                         
INSTRUMENT_HOST_NAME = "ROSETTA-ORBITER"                                      
OBJECT     = TEXT                                                             
 PUBLICATION_DATE   = 2010-10-01                                              
 INTERCHANGE_FORMAT = ASCII                                                   
 NOTE               = "ASCII description of contents of this RPC-LAP Archive" 
END_OBJECT = TEXT                                                             
************                   File AAREADME.TXT     ************************ 
HK          Housekeeping data (Supply voltages, Ref. voltages, Temperatures)  
RPC         Rosetta Plasma Consortium                                         
LAP         Langmuir Probe Instrument                                         
The RPC LAP instrument, can operate in several different modes. To understand 
the data one must always consult the corresponding LBL file. The instrument   
measures timeseries of current or voltage. These are stored in a basic table  
format with columns of time, current and voltage. Current and voltage can     
either be applied bias or measured values. Depending on if the instrument is  
running in E-Field or Density configuration. The keywords INSTRUMENT_MODE_DESC
and DESCRIPTION field, gives descriptions for the present instrument mode at a
given time. The RPC LAP specific keywords described in the                    
RO-IRFU-LAP-EAICD.PDF (in the DOCUMENT directory) also give information about 
the present mode. The INSTRUMENT_MODE_ID descriptions can be found in the     
document LAPMAC.PDF (in the DOCUMENT directory).                              
RPC-LAP Data Archive                                                          
a) LAP DATA                                                                   
For each mission phase RPC LAP provides, datasets as follows:                 
CODMAC Level/Type             Data Type      Data Content                     
  2 / EDITED     Data         table          Decommutated RAW data            
  3 / CALIBRATED Data         table          Calibrated data                  
Derived data is not yet supported.                                            
The data can be found in:                                                     
or the                                                                        
There MMM is month in text JAN,FEB,...etc.                                    
There DDD is day in the month as D01, D02,...etc.                             
b) Supporting files                                                           
Supporting files for the Archive user include PDS descriptions, documents,    
and searchable indices. These have been organized into four directories one   
level below the root: CATALOG, DOCUMENT,CALIB, INDEX                          
                             Structure of the volume                          
AAREADME.TXT  (PDS required introduction to the data set)                     
VOLDESC.CAT   (PDS required volume description of the data only)              
../CATALOG/CATINFO.TXT (list of catalog files)                                
           *.CAT (Mission, spacecraft, instrument, data, references)          
../CALIB/CALINFO.TXT (list of calib files)                                    
../DOCUMENT/DOCINFO.TXT (list of documents)                                   
            *.DOC (WORD documents)                                            
            *.TXT (ASCII documents)                                           
            *.PDF (PDF documents)                                             
../INDEX/INDXINFO.TXT (Description of the contents of the index directory)    
         INDEX.LBL    (PDS LABEL file for INDEX.TAB)                          
         INDEX.TAB    (Index of the data set in tabular format)               
../DATA/EDITED/YEAR/MMM/DDD/*.TAB (LAP edited data, presented as ASCII tables)
                            *.LBL( PDS LABLES of the LAP data files)          
../DATA/CALIBRATED/MMM/DDD/*.TAB (LAP calibrated data, presented as ASCII     
                           *.LBL (PDS LABLES of the LAP data files)           
The ROSETTA project decided that the data would be archived in the PDS        
format. Consequently, the layout of this volume and the labels for each file  
conform the PDS/PSA guidelines.                                               
Data generated by:                                                            
Reine Gill                                                                    
Swedish Institute of Space Physics                                            
Box 537                                                                       
SE-751 21 Uppsala, Sweden