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PDS_VERSION_ID = PDS3                                                         
RECORD_TYPE  = STREAM                                                         
INSTRUMENT_HOST_NAME = "ROSETTA-ORBITER"                                      
OBJECT     = TEXT                                                             
 PUBLICATION_DATE   = 2008-12-12                                              
 INTERCHANGE_FORMAT = ASCII                                                   
 NOTE               = "                                                       
      ASCII description of contents of this RPC-MAG Archive"                  
END_OBJECT = TEXT                                                             
************                   File AAREADME.TXT     ******************       
ADC:       Analog-Digital-Converter                                           
AQP:       Acquisition Period                                                 
ASIC:      Application Specific Integrated Circuit                            
B-FIELD:   Magnetic Field                                                     
CG:        67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko                                          
CO-I:      Co-Investigator                                                    
CuL:       Kupferlackdraht, Enamelled copper wire                             
DDS:       Data Distribution System                                           
DPU:       Digital Processing Unit                                            
DS-1:      NASA's Deepspace 1 Mission                                         
EAICD:     Experimenter  to  Archive Interface Control Document               
EID-B:     Experiment Interface Document , Part B                             
EMC:       Electromagnetic Compatibility                                      
ESA:       European Space Agency                                              
ESTEC:     European Space Research and Technology Centre                      
FGM:       Fluxgate-Magnetometer                                              
FM:        Flight Model                                                       
FMECA:     Failure Mode Effects and Criticality Analysis                      
FPGA:      Field programmable Gate Array                                      
FCP:       Flight Control Procedure                                           
FS:        Flight Spare Model                                                 
HK:        Housekeeping data (Supply voltages, Ref. voltages,                 
H/W:       Hardware                                                           
IABG:      Industrieanlagenbetriebsgesellschaft                               
IB:        Inboard Sensor                                                     
ID:        Identifier                                                         
I/F:       Interface                                                          
IGEP:      Institut fuer Geophysik und extraterrestrische Physik,             
IWF:       Institut fuer Weltraumforschung,Graz                               
LCL:       Latching Current Limiter                                           
LEXAN:     Polycarbonate resin thermoplastic                                  
MACOR:     Machinable glas ceramic                                            
MAG:       Magnetometer                                                       
MIP:       RPC Mutual Impedance Probe                                         
NASA:      National Aeronautics and Space Administration                      
OB:        Outboard Sensor                                                    
OPAMP:     Operational Amplifier                                              
PCB:       Printed Circuit Board                                              
PDS:       Planetary Data System                                              
PERMALLOY: Nickel Iron magnetic alloy                                         
PI:        Principal Investigator                                             
PIU:       RPC Power Interface Unit                                           
PSA:       Planetary Science Archive                                          
PT1000:    Platinum Thermistor with 1000 Ohm nominal resistance               
RAW:       Data in units of ADC counts in instrument coordinates              
ROKSY:     ROSETTA Knowledge Management System                                
ROMAP:     ROSETTA Lander Magnetometer                                        
RPC:       ROSETTA Plasma Consortium                                          
RPCMAG:    ROSETTA Orbiter Magnetometer                                       
RPC-MAG:   ROSETTA Orbiter Magnetometer                                       
RPC-0:     RPC Main Electronics Box                                           
SADM:      Solar Array Drive Mechanism                                        
S/C:       Spacecraft                                                         
SID:       Science Mode Identifier                                            
S/W:       Software                                                           
SEU:       Single Event Upset                                                 
SEL:       Single Event Latch-up                                              
TC:        Telecommand                                                        
TM:        Telemetry                                                          
TM:        Technical Manager                                                  
TS:        Time Series                                                        
UV:        Ultraviolet                                                        
us:        microsecond                                                        
Wrt.:      with respect to                                                    
This data set contains calibrated data obtained by the Fluxgate               
Magnetometer (RPC-MAG) onboard the ROSETTA spacecraft from the Steins         
Flyby Phase,for the time interval September 1, 2008 until                     
September 10. The real flyby happened at September 5, 2008 at 18:38           
at a closest approach distance  of about 800 km.                              
The magnetometer consists of two sensors, the OB and the IB sensor,           
mounted on a spacecraft boom. The instrument provides 3 component             
magnetic field vector data measured by both sensors. In this data set         
the calibrated and averaged and disturbance corrected  data can be            
found. Magnetic field data are given in nanotesla.                            
STEINS RPC-MAG Data Archive                                                   
a) S/C DATA                                                                   
CODMAC Level/Type               Data Type      Data Content                   
          3 / CALIBRATED Data   table          RAW TS of OB,IB,HK data        
The data can be found in the                                                  
directory. This directory has three subdirectories:                           
The LEVEL_A data (HK,IB,OB) are calibrated data in Instrument coordinates.    
The LEVEL_B data (IB,OB) are calibrated data in S/C coordinates.              
The LEVEL_C data (IB,OB) are calibrated data in ECLIPJ2000 coordinates.       
b) Supporting files                                                           
Supporting files for the Archive user include PDS descriptions,               
documents, and searchable indices. These have been organized into             
four directories one level below the root: CATALOG, DOCUMENT,CALIB,           
Structure of the volume                                                       
AAREADME.TXT  (PDS required introduction to the data set)                     
VOLDESC.CAT   (PDS required volume description of the data only)              
../CATALOG/CATINFO.TXT (list of catalog files)                                
          *.CAT (Mission, spacecraft, instrument, data, references)           
../CALIB/CALINFO.TXT (list of calib files)                                    
         *.LBL (PDS Label for  *.TXT files                                    
    RPCMAG_GND_CALIB_FSDPU_FMIB.TXT Ground Calibration Parameter              
                                    File for Flight SPARE DPU with            
                                    FM Inboard sensor                         
    RPCMAG_GND_CALIB_FSDPU_FMOB.TXT Ground Calibration Parameter              
                                    File for Flight SPARE DPU with            
                                    FM Outboard sensor                        
    RPCMAG_yymmdd_006_CALIB_IB.TXT  Inflight calibration Parameter            
                                    for IB                                    
    RPCMAG_yymmdd_006_CALIB_OB.TXT  Inflight calibration Parameter            
                                    for OB                                    
    RPCMAG_SC_ALIGN.TXT             Matrices for stowed and                   
                                    deployed MAG boom in relation             
                                    to s/c coordinates                        
    RPCMAG_BOOM_ALIGN_CORR_EF1.TXT  Boom Orientation correction               
                                    angles obtained from EF1                  
../DOCUMENT/DOCINFO.TXT (list of documents)                                   
            *.DOC (WORD documents)                                            
            *.ASC (ASCII documents)                                           
            *.PDF (PDF documents)                                             
            *.TEX (LaTeX documents)                                           
../INDEX/INDXINFO.TXT (Description of the contents of the index               
         INDEX.LBL    (PDS LABEL file for INDEX.TAB)                          
         INDEX.TAB    (Index of the data set in tabular format)               
../DATA/RESAMPLED/*.TAB (MAG data, 3 components presented as ASCII            
                   *.LBL (PDS LABELS of the MAG data files)                   
The ROSETTA project decided that the data would be archived in the            
PDS format. Consequently, the layout of this volume and the labels            
for each file conform the PDS/PSA guidelines.                                 
Data generated by:                                                            
Dr. Ingo Richter                                                              
Technical University Braunschweig                                             
Institute for Geophysics and Extraterrestrial Physics                         
Mendelssohnstr. 3                                                             
38106 Braunschweig                                                            
RPC-MAG PI:                                                                   
Prof. Dr. Karl-Heinz Glassmeier                                               
Technical University Braunschweig                                             
Institute for Geophysics and Extraterrestrial Physics                         
Mendelssohnstr. 3                                                             
38106 Braunschweig