PDS_VERSION_ID        = PDS3                                                  
RECORD_TYPE           = STREAM                                                
PRODUCT_ID            = "GEOMINFO.TXT"                                        
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  INTERCHANGE_FORMAT    = ASCII                                               
  PUBLICATION_DATE      = 2009-08-27                                          
  NOTE           = "Description of the contents of the GEOMETRY directory"    
END_OBJECT            = TEXT                                                  
The GEOMETRY dirctory contains context images for each FITS file in the DATA  
directory.  The directory structure and file naming convention mirrors that of
the DATA directory.  These images show the projection of the Alice entrance   
slit onto the sky at the midpoint of the file. Stars in the HD catalog with   
spectral types of O, B, or A and V magnitude < 8 are also shown. These context
images show the observation geometry at a single instant in time: the file    
midpoint. As such, they may not be representative of the observation geometry 
at other times covered by the data file, especially if the spacecraft was     
slewing or if the distance/orientation of Rosetta with respect to various     
celestial bodies changed significantly during the observation. Use with       
NAMING CONVENTIONS                                                            
Rosetta Alice data contained within the DATA directory have the following     
naming conventions (These are described in greater detail in the Rosetta Alice
EAICD included in the DOCUMENT directory):                                    
<YYMMDDhhmmss> is the 12-character UTC date and time of the start of the      
  observation (the start of collecting photons).                              
<type> is one of the following 4-character values (the same value as in the   
filename of the input engineering file):                                      
    PIX (pixel list mode data)                                                
    HIS (histogram mode data)                                                 
    CNT (count rate mode data)                                                
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