OBJECT              = TEXT
  NOTE              = "Description of CATALOG subdirectory content"
  PUBLICATION_DATE  = 2017-05-08
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                          CATALOG subdirectory content

The files contained in the CATALOG subdirectory are:

DATASET.CAT: this file contains PDS data set catalog information about the 
present data volume.

INST.CAT: this file contains the PDS instrument catalog information about the 
GIADA instrument.

INSTHOST.CAT: this file contains PDS instrument host catalog information 
about the Rosetta spacecraft and the mounting relationship of the instruments 
within the spacecraft.

MISSION.CAT: this file contains the PDS mission catalog information about the 
Rosetta mission.

REF.CAT: PDS reference catalog information about every journal article,
book or other published reference mentioned in the above catalog objects or 
their components.

SOFTWARE.CAT: PDS software catalog information about the software submitted 
in the data volume.

TARGET.CAT: this files contains PDS target catalog information about the 
observation target i.e. comet, asteroid, Earth or Mars.

CATINFO.TXT: the file you are reading.
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