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                          DOCUMENT subdirectory content

This subdirectory contains files that provide supplementary documentation 
and ancillary information to assist in understanding and using the data 
products in the data volume. The documents included here are:

RO_GIA_IAPSUPA_IF_012_I1.PDF: is the interface document between Rosetta 
Project Office and GIADA Instrument Team where the data organisation is 
detailed, in compliance with Planetary Data System (PDS) Standards, 
Version 3.8, Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) document JPL D-7669.
The same document includes details about GIADA instrument.

RO_GIA_IAPSUPA_IF_012_I1.ASC: the same file in ASCII format.

RO_GIA_IAPSUPA_IF_012_I1.LBL: the relevant detached Label file.

RO_GIA_IAPSUPA_RP_124_1.PDF: is a detailed report on the configurations
used by GIADA FS during the Rosetta Extension 3 Phase (from 01/07/2016 until

RO_GIA_IAPSUPA_RP_124_1.LBL: the relevant detached Label file.

DELLACORTEETAL2014.PDF:a relevant paper published about GIADA and 
its sub-systems

DELLACORTEETAL2014.LBL: the relevant detached Label file.

RO_GIA_MA_007_I4.PDF: the GIADA User Manual.

RO_GIA_MA_007_I4.LBL: the relevant detached Label file.

DOCINFO.TXT: the file you are reading.
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