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The document directory contains documentation files, where available,
for the data set in this volume. All documentation files will have an
accompanying label file to describe content and structure. Label files
have the same name as the main document file, with an extension of LBL.

Contents of the DOCUMENT subdirectory:

DOCINFO.TXT  - The file you are reading.

MID_COOR.ASC - The MIDAS co-ordinate systems document in ASCII text format.The
               purpose of this document is to define the co-ordinate systems
               to be used for the instrument MIDAS, and to establish the
               nominal relations between positions in the Unit Reference Frame
               and the readings of position sensors in the instrument, for
               both the mechanical dimensions and electrical signals.

MID_COOR.PDF - The MIDAS co-ordinate systems document in Adobe PDF format.

MID_EAICD.ASC - The MIDAS Experimenter to PSA Interface Control Document
               (EAICD) in ASCII text format. The purpose of this document is
               twofold. At first, it provides users of the MIDAS instrument
               with detailed description of the data products and a
               description of the methods by which they are generated,
               including data sources and destinations. Secondly, it is the
               official interface between the MIDAS instrument team and the
               archiving authority.

MID_EAICD.PDF - The MIDAS Experimenter to PSA Interface Control Document
               in Adobe PDF format.

MID_SSRV.ASC - The MIDAS SSRv paper in ASCII text format. This paper describes
               the MIDAS scientific objectives dedicated to the collection of
               very small particles and the characterisation of materials by
               atomic force microscopy. Finally, it presents the technical
               solutions adopted for this in-augural implementation of the
               technique on a space mission and the capabilities as confirmed
               in the post-launch commissioning.

MID_SSRV.PDF - The MIDAS SSRv paper in Adobe PDF format.

MID_USER.ASC - The MIDAS Instrument User Manual in ASCII text format. This
               document provides all information needed to operate the MIDAS
               instrument on the ROSETTA spacecraft. Nominal operations as
               well as special calibrations are described. Known issues with
               the system are identified and explained in detail. Diagnostics
               and troubleshooting are explained in a dedicated section.

MID_USER.PDF - The MIDAS Instrument User Manual in Adobe PDF format.

*.PNG        - Images extracted from the PDF documents.

CODE/*.PRO   - IDL source files of the MIDAS Data Set Browser software.
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