PDS_VERSION_ID = PDS3                                                         
RECORD_TYPE    = "STREAM"                                                     
OBJECT     = TEXT                                                             
  INTERCHANGE_FORMAT = "ASCII"                                                
  PUBLICATION_DATE   = 2007-10-22                                             
  NOTE               = "DOCUMENT directory contents."                         
END_OBJECT = TEXT                                                             
DOCUMENT Directory Contents                                                   
The DOCUMENT directory contains several files intended to aid in              
understanding the data contained in this dataset:                             
RO_MIR_IF_0001.PDF - MIRO Archive Interface Control Document (Version 1.8)    
RO_MIR_IF_0001.ASC - An ASCII text version of the above document              
MIRO_CTS_FREQUENCY_CALIBRATION.PDF - a description of the frequency           
calibration of the CTS                                                        
MIRO_CTS_FREQUENCY_CALIBRATION.ASC - an ASCII text version of the above       
MIRO_READ_DATA.ASC    - a Fortran-77 program that lists selected portions     
of the MIRO data files.                                                       
TEMPEL_1_OBSERVATIONS.PDF - A report on the MIRO Tempel-1 observations during 
the Deep Impact encounter.                                                    
TEMPEL_1_OBSERVATIONS.ASC - An ASCII text version of the above document       
USER_MANUAL.PDF       - MIRO Experiment User Manual, RO-MIR-PR-0030           
This is the complete description of the MIRO instrument.                      
USER_MANUAL.ASC       - ascii version of the above file.                      
UTCCON.ASC            - a Fortran-77 program that converts between the time   
system used in the data files and standard UTC notation.                      
There are also *.LBL files describing each of the above files.                
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