PDS_VERSION_ID = PDS3                                                         
RECORD_TYPE    = "STREAM"                                                     
OBJECT     = TEXT                                                             
  INTERCHANGE_FORMAT = "ASCII"                                                
  PUBLICATION_DATE   = 2017-10-01                                             
  NOTE               = "DOCUMENT directory contents."                         
END_OBJECT = TEXT                                                             
DOCUMENT Directory Contents                                                   
The DOCUMENT directory contains several files intended to aid in              
understanding the data contained in this dataset:                             
RO_MIR_IF_0001.PDF - MIRO Archive Interface Control Document (Version 4).   
RO_MIR_IF_0001.ASC - an ASCII text version of the above document.             
MIRO_LOG_20151021.ASC - an ASCII text listing of the instrument commands  
issued during the Rosetta COMET ESCORT 1.                                      
MIRO_READ_DATA.ASC - a Fortran-77 program that lists selected portions     
of some MIRO data files generated by MIRO Pipeline software 
Versions 1.0 and 1.1. It is provided as extra documentation of data
formats and is not maintained to work on the latest files.
USER_MANUAL.PDF       - MIRO Experiment User Manual, RO-MIR-PR-0030           
This is the complete Users Manual for the MIRO instrument, 
Version 6.0, dated 2017 August.
USER_MANUAL.ASC       - ascii version of the above file.                      
UTCCON.ASC            - a Fortran-77 program that converts between the time   
system used in the data files and standard UTC notation.                      
There are also *.LBL files describing each of the above files.                
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