PDS_VERSION_ID = PDS3                                                         
RECORD_TYPE    = "STREAM"                                                     
OBJECT     = TEXT                                                             
  NOTE             = "Description of the DOCUMENT directory"                  
  PUBLICATION_DATE = 2017-07-11                                               
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DOCUMENT Directory Contents                                                   
CHEOPS_REF_FRAME_V1.PDF      - Cheops Reference Frames and Mapping Schemes of 
                               Comet 67P/C-G v1 (internal v2.0)               
DOCINFO.TXT                  - This file.                                     
EAICD.PDF                    - PSA provided description of this data volume   
                               and shape models.                              
ESA_MODEL_INFO.ASC           - General information about the 67/C-G ESA/RMOC  
                               SPC shape models                               
PDSSBN_PLATE_SHAPE_DEF.ASC   - Generic description of the format adopted by   
                               the PDS SBN for shape models of small bodies   
PREVIEW_IMAGES/              - Contains resolution and standard view images   
                               sorted by producer and model version.          
                             - Label for RES_*.PNG files.                     
PREVIEW_IMAGES/*/*/RES_*.PNG - Images of the shape model showing the different
                               resolution versions of the model. The          
                               RESOLUTION_IMAGES.LBL file gives further       
                             - Label for VIEW_*.PNG files.                    
                             - Images of the shape model as seen along        
                               the primary axes. The East longitude and the   
                               South/North latitude are indicated in the      
                               name of the files. The STANDARD_VIEWS.LBL file 
                               gives further descriptions.                    
SHAP2_MODEL_INFO.ASC         - General information about the 67P/C-G SHAP2    
                               SPC/MSPCD shape models                         
SHAP4S_MODEL_INFO.ASC        - General information about the 67P/C-G SHAP4S   
                               SPG shape models                               
SHAP5_MODEL_INFO.ASC         - General information about the 67P/C-G SHAP5    
                               SPC shape models                               
SHAPE_DATA_ORGANIZATION.ASC  - Describes the organization of the shape models 
                               found in this data set.                        
USER_GUIDE.ASC               - Quick guide for users of this data set.        
VERSION_HISTORY.TAB          - Quick summary of model history over data set   
*.LBL                        - PDS3 labels for correspondingly named files.   
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