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PDS_VERSION_ID           = PDS3                                               
RECORD_TYPE              = STREAM                                             
INSTRUMENT_HOST_NAME     = "ROSETTA-ORBITER"                                  
OBJECT                   = TEXT                                               
 PUBLICATION_DATE         = 2015-04-30                                        
 INTERCHANGE_FORMAT       = ASCII                                             
 NOTE                     = "ASCII description of the NavCam Archive"         
END_OBJECT               = TEXT                                               
***************************   File AAREADME.TXT   ****************************
ADC:       Analogue-Digital Converter                                         
AIU:       Avionics Interface Unit                                            
AOCMS:     Attitude and Orbit Control Measurement System                      
AOCS:      Attitude and Orbit Control System                                  
APID:      Application Process Identifier                                     
APS:       Active Pixel Sensor                                                
AQP:       Acquisition Period                                                 
ASIC:      Application Specific Integrated Circuit                            
BIOS:      Basic Input/Output System                                          
C&DH:      Command and Data Handling                                          
CAM-BAF:   Camera Baffle                                                      
CAM-EU:    Camera Electronics Unit                                            
CAM-OH:    Camera Optical Head                                                
CCD:       Charge Coupled Device                                              
CDS:       Correlated Double Sampling                                         
CI:        Co-Investigator                                                    
CMOS:      Complimentary Metal Oxide Semiconductor                            
CODMAC:    Committee On Data Management, Archiving and Computation            
DDS:       Data Distribution System                                           
DMS:       Data Management System                                             
DNA:       Defocussed imaging with No Attenuation                             
DPU:       Digital Processing Unit                                            
DSP:       Digital Signal Processing                                          
EAICD:     Experimenter to (Science) Archive Interface Control Document       
EIDB:      Experiment Interface Document, Part B                              
ESA:       European Space Agency                                              
ESAC:      European Space Astronomy Centre                                    
ESOC:      European Space Operations Centre                                   
ESTEC:     European Space Research and Technology Centre                      
EU:        Electronics Unit                                                   
FA:        Focussed Attenuation                                               
FIFO:      First In / First Out                                               
FM:        Flight Model                                                       
FNA:       Focussed imaging with No Attenuation                               
FOV:       Field Of View                                                      
FS:        Flight Spare Model                                                 
ftp:       file transfer protocol                                             
GSE:       Ground Support Equipment                                           
HC:        Health-check                                                       
HK:        Housekeeping                                                       
H/W:       Hardware                                                           
I/F:       Interface                                                          
I/O:       Input / Output                                                     
IC:        Integrated Circuit                                                 
LED:       Light Emitting Diode                                               
MOS:       Metal Oxide Semiconductor                                          
MSPS:      Mobilisation Stationing and Planning System                        
NASA:      National Aeronautics Space Administration                          
NavCam:    Navigation Camera                                                  
OBT:       On-Board Time                                                      
OH:        Optical Head                                                       
PDF:       Portable Document Format                                           
PDS:       Planetary Data System                                              
PSA:       Planetary Science Archive                                          
PSA-DH:    Planetary Science Archive Data Handler                             
RAM:       Random Access Memory                                               
RH:        Reference Hole                                                     
RL:        Rosetta Lander                                                     
RMOC:      Rosetta Mission Operations Centre                                  
RO:        Rosetta Orbiter                                                    
ROM:       Read Only Memory                                                   
RSSD:      Research and Scientific Support Department                         
S/C:       Spacecraft                                                         
S/W:       Software                                                           
SEU:       Single Event Upset                                                 
SSMM:      Solid State Mass Memory                                            
STR:       Autonomous Attitude Star Tracker                                   
TBC:       To Be Confirmed                                                    
TBD:       To Be Defined                                                      
TC:        Telecommand                                                        
TM:        Telemetry                                                          
TTL:       Transistor-Transistor Logic                                        
UTC:       Coordinated Universal Time                                         
This data set contains instrument raw data from the Navigation Camera         
(NavCam) onboard the ROSETTA spacecraft (S/C) from the Prelanding Phase.      
The time interval starts on Aug, 1st 2014 and ends on Sep, 2nd 2014.          
From May 2014, NAVCAM has begun to take regular images, starting with 5 per   
day and with an increasing rate. From July 30th, the Navcam images were taken 
one image every 30 minutes, during the comet approach sequence. From Aug 1st  
to Aug 22nd, the frequency of the navigation slots was of once per hour. Then,
until Sep 2nd, one 2x2 raster with four images was taken every four hours.    
Onboard the Rosetta Orbiter (RO) there are two identical NavCams, providing   
complete redundancy, in the event of Single Point Failure (SPF).  Each NavCam 
unit consits of a Camera Baffle (CAM-BAF), Camera Optical Head (CAM-OH) and   
a Camera Electronics Unit (CAM-EU) and is capable of providing multiple       
operating modes to fully satisfy the requirements of the Rosetta mission with 
respect to the autonomous tracking and attitude determination.                
PRELANDING-MTP006 NavCam Data Archive:                                        
a) S/C Data                                                                   
CODMAC Level / Type             Data Type       Data Content                  
           2 / EDITED Data      Image           RAW TM of HK and IMAGE Data   
The data can be found in the following directory:                             
The data products are in the form of RAW images each with a detached label    
file that contains a cropped version of the Housekeeping (HK) - Telemetry (TM)
b) Supporting Files                                                           
Supporting files for the Archive end user include PDS: documentation,         
descriptions and searchable indices.  These are organised into three sub-     
directories immediately below the root directory:                             
     - CATALOG                                                                
     - DOCUMENT                                                               
     - INDEX                                                                  
Structure of the Volume:                                                      
Root Directory                                                                
   |--- AAREADME.TXT   (PDS required introduction to the data set )           
   |     |                                                                    
   |     |--- BROWINFO.TXT (List of the BROWSE folder contents)               
   |     |                                                                    
   |     |../CAM1/                                                            
   |     |    |                                                               
   |     |    |--- *.JPG Files  (Thumbnail of each data product: JPEG format) 
   |     |    |--- *.LBL Files  (Detached label file for each browse product) 
   |     |    =                                                               
   |     |                                                                    
   |     |../CAM2/                                                            
   |     |    |                                                               
   |     =    |--- *.JPG Files  (Thumbnail of each data product: JPEG format) 
   |          |--- *.LBL Files  (Detached label file for each browse product) 
   |          =                                                               
   |     |                                                                    
   |     |--- CATINFO.TXT  (List of the CATALOG folder contents)              
   |     |--- *.CAT Files                                                     
   |     =                                                                    
   |     |                                                                    
   |     |../CAM1/                                                            
   |     |    |                                                               
   |     |    |--- *.IMG Files  (Data products in IMAGE format)               
   |     |    |--- *.LBL Files  (Detached label files for each data product)  
   |     |    |---*F.FIT Files  (FITS format files)                           
   |     |    |-- *F.LBL Files  (Label of the FIT files)                      
   |     |    =                                                               
   |     |                                                                    
   |     |../CAM2/                                                            
   |     |    |--- *.IMG Files  (Data products in IMAGE format)               
   |     |    |--- *.LBL Files  (Detached label files for each data product)  
   |     |    |---*F.FIT Files  (FITS format files)                           
   |     |    |-- *F.LBL Files  (Label of the FIT files)                      
   |          =                                                               
   |     |                                                                    
   |     |--- DOCINFO.TXT  (List of the DOCUMENT folder contents)             
   |     |--- RO-SGS-IF-0001.TXT Files  (ASCII version of EAICD)              
   |     |--- RO-SGS-IF-0001.PDF Files  (PDF version of EAICD)                
   |     |--- RO-SGS-IF-0001.LBL Files  (EAICD label)                         
   |--- ERRATA.TXT     (List of known errors and extra notes on the volume)   
   |     |                                                                    
   |     |--- INDXINFO.TXT (List of the INDEX folder contents)                
   |     |--- INDEX.LBL    (Detached label file for INDEX.TAB)                
   |     |--- INDEX.TAB    (Index of the data set in tabular format)          
   |     |--- BROWSE_INDEX.TAB (Index of the browse products)                 
   |     |--- BROWSE_INDEX.LBL (Detached label for the browse index)          
The ROSETTA project decided that the data would be archived in the PDS Version
3 format and, consequently, the layout of this volume and all associated label
files for each file conform to the PDS / PSA guidelines.                      
Contact Information:                                                          
Data generated by:                                                            
Bernhard Geiger                                                               
ESAC, P.O. Box 78,                                                            
Villanueva de la Canada,                                                      
Madrid, 28691,                                                                
Michael Kueppers                                                              
ESAC, P.O. Box 78,                                                            
Villanueva de la Canada,                                                      
Madrid, 28691,