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OBJECT             = TEXT
  NOTE             = "AAREADME file for the OSIRIS RO-C-OSINAC-2-PRL-67PCHURYUMOV-M01-V1.1 dataset"
  PUBLICATION_DATE = 2015-04-27


1. Introduction

  This data set contains science, calibration and checkout images
  acquired by the OSIRIS Narrow Angle Camera system on the Rosetta

  The images were acquired during the comet escort mission phase covering the
  period from 2014-03-18 to 2014-04-06.

  For details please see:

    CATALOG/MISSION.CAT  for a description of the Rosetta mission
    CATALOG/INSTHOST.CAT for a description of the Rosetta spacecraft
    CATALOG/OSINAC_INST.CAT   for a description of the OSIRIS instrument
    CATALOG/DATASET.CAT  for a detailed description of the dataset
    CATALOG/TARGETS.CAT  for a description of the observed targets

  For a quick look overview of the dataset please see:

    EXTRAS/AAREADME.HTM    for a HTLM based browse index
    EXTRAS/ACTIVITY.TAB    for a detailed activity overview of the mission phase

  A detailed description of the instrument can be found in:


  An overview description of the calibration can be found in:


  A database of usefull information about the OSIRIS instruments
  can be found in:

    CALIB/*         (See CALINFO.TXT)

  And the actual IDL software source code for calibrating OSIRIS images
  can be found in:


2. File Formats

  The OSIRIS images are stored as data files with embedded PDS label. The data is stored as:
    a. two dimensional unsigned integer (LSB_UNSIGNED_INTEGER) 16 bit data for the CODMAC level 2 data
    b. two dimensional intel float (PC_REAL) 32 bit data for the CODMAC level 3 to N data

    The data is referenced using a PDS IMAGE object.

    The detailed description of the data file format can be found in:


3. Volume Contents

  Files on this volume are organized into a set of subdirectories
  below the top-level directory. The following table shows the
  structure and content of these directories. In the table, directory
  names are enclosed in square brackets ([]). See the *INFO.TXT files
  in some directories for specific information on the files in that

  |-- AAREADME.TXT         This file
  |-- VOLDESC.CAT          Description of the contents of this volume
  |--[BROWSE]              Directory of reduced resolution versions of
  |  |                     data products
  |  |-- BROWINFO.TXT      Description of files in this directory
  |  |
  |  |-- [YYYY-MM]
  |      |
  |      |-- *.JPG         JPEG versions of the images stored in DATA/[YYYY-MM]
  |  |-- AAREADME.HTM       Entrypoint for the HTML based browse interface
  |  |
  |  |-- [BROWSEHTML]
  |  |   |
  |  |   |-- *.HTM           HTML Index file used by AAREADME.HTM
  |  |
  |  |-- [THUMBNAIL]
  |  |   |
  |  |   |--[YYYY-MM]
  |  |      |
  |  |      |-- *.JPG       Thumbnail JPEG version of the images in DATA/[YYYY-MM]
  |  |
  |  |-- ACTIVITY.TAB       Activity Log  (Table of activity/observation/exposure)
  |--[CATALOG]             Directory containing PDS catalog objects
  |  |
  |  |-- CATINFO.TXT       Description of files in this subdirectory
  |  |-- DATASET.CAT       Description of this data set
  |  |-- OSIRIS.CAT        Description of the OSIRIS instrument
  |  |-- INSTHOST.CAT      Description of the Rosetta orbiter
  |  |-- MISSION.CAT       Description of the Rosetta Mission
  |  |-- PERSONNEL.CAT     Description of personnel who created this volume
  |  |-- REFERENCE.CAT     List of usefull references
  |  |-- SOFTWARE.CAT       Software Catalog File
  |--[DATA]                Directory containing image data
  |  |
  |  |--[YYYY-MM]          Data directories organized by year and month
  |     |
  |     |-- *.IMG          Two-dimensional, UNSIGNED 16-bit interger PDS formated images from the NAC camera
  |--[DOCUMENT]            Directory for OSIRIS documentation
  |  |
  |  |-- DOCINFO.TXT       Overview of the OSIRIS documentation folder
  |  |-- [EAICD]               OSIRIS Archiving Plan
  |  |-- [OSIRIS_SSR]       OSIRIS Instrument Description
  |  |-- [SIS]             Description of the OSIRIS data format
  |  |-- [CALIB]           Description of the OSIRIS calibration
  +--[INDEX]               Directory containing index files
  |  |
  |  |-- INDXINFO.TXT      Description of files in the INDEX directory
  |  |-- INDEX.TAB         Table of all image data files in the data set
  |  |-- BROWSE_INDEX.TAB  Tabel of all jpeg images in the BROWSE directory
  |  |
  |--[CALIB]               Calibration data and software
  |  |
  |  |-- CALINFO.TXT       Description of the folder content
  |  |-- [Folders]           Folder structure containing datafiles with usefull information about the OSIRIS instrument
     |-- FWPDSLIB.ZIP      ZIP archive containing an IDL (Interactive Data language) based software library for accessing PDS data (requires IDL 6.1)
     |   |                 (Required by the calibration pipeline software)
     |   |-- README.TXT    Readme file for the library
     |   |-- LICENSE.TXT   License condition for use of the library
     |-- OSIRIS_CAL.ZIP       ZIP archive containing the OSIRIS calibration pipeline software.
                           (The OSIRIS calibration pipeline is implemented using IDL (Interactive Data Language) source files
                           Please readme file in the root folder of the pipeline for usage detailes

   A HTML based browsing interface is included in this data set.
   The entry point HTML file is EXTRAS/AAREADME.HTM

4. Whom to Contact for Information

  Questions regarding the scientific elements of this data set should be
  directed to:

    Holger Sierks
    OSIRIS Principal Investigator
    Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research
    Justus-von-Liebig Weg 3
    D-37077 Goettingen

    Pablo Gutierrez-Marques
    OSIRIS Operations Manager
    Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research
    Justus-von-Liebig Weg 3
    D-37077 Goettingen