PDS_VERSION_ID                = PDS3
RECORD_TYPE                   = STREAM
OBJECT                        = TEXT
  PUBLICATION_DATE            = 2015-04-27
  NOTE                        = "Description of the CATALOG folder"
END_OBJECT                    = TEXT

The CATALOG directory contains mission, host, instrument,
reference, personnel, data set objects for this volume containing
OSIRIS data from the ESA Rosetta Mission

Each catalog object is stored as ASCII text.  Each line is
delimited with a carriage-return (ASCII 13) line-feed (ASCII 10) pair.

        The files are:


        The file you are reading.


        A brief description of the mission.  It includes a chronology of
        events, definition of mission phases, and science objectives.


        A description of the Rosetta Orbiter spacecraft.


        A description of the data set.


        An overview of the OSIRIS NAC camera on the ESA Rosetta mission.


        A listing of key people involved in analyzing the OSIRIS
        data and in producing the archival data set.


        A listing of references that might be generally useful in
        working with these data.


        A listing of the targets observed in the dataset


        A listing of the software associated with the dataset
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