PDS_VERSION_ID                   = PDS3
RECORD_TYPE                      = STREAM
DATA_SET_ID                      = "RO-C-OSIWAC-2-ESC2-67PCHURYUMOV-M14-V2.0"
OBJECT                           = TEXT
  PUBLICATION_DATE               = 2017-08-01
  NOTE                           = "Description of the BROWSE directory
                                    contents for Rosetta OSIRIS data
END_OBJECT                       = TEXT

BROWSE Directory Contents

The BROWSE directory contains reduced-size, easily viewed versions of the
Rosetta OSIRIS standard data products in JPEG format.

Browse image names are based on the PRODUCT_ID of the data product that they
represent. The BROWSE directory follows the same naming convention as the
DATA directory, details are provided in the Software Interface Specification
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