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        CALIB Directory Content

The CALIB folder contains the various database information required to 
calibrate OSIRIS images.
The information provided is stored in a format readable by the OSIRIS 
calibration pipeline software. 
All information is either readable using either a text editor (ascii
format) of a std PDS data file reader (PDS image data and PDS table data).

The CALIB folder has the following structure:

   CALIB --|-- ABSCAL               : Folder containing the DN/s to W/m^2/sr/nm
           |                          for various optical filter combinations
           |-- BADPIXELS            : Folder containing a list of bad pixels on
           |                          the CCDs and their correction method.
           |-- BIAS                 : Folder containing the bias offsets for 
           |                          the various operational modes of OSIRIS
           |-- DISTORTION           : Folder containing the optical 
           |                          distorsion model parameters for the 
           |                          cameras
           |-- EXPOSURE             : Folder containing data for shutter flight
           |                          and thus exposure time correction.
           |-- FLATFIELDS           : Folder containing the flatfields for
                                      the various filter combinations

The description of the file name convention of these files can be found in the
The content of the files is described in the calibration documents under
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