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CALIB Directory Content

The CALIB folder contains the calibration database used by OsiCalliope to 
generate the calibrated images. All information is readable using either a text
editor (ascii format) or a standard PDS data file reader.

The CALIB folder has the following structure:

   CALIB --|-- ABSCAL               : Folder containing the DN/s to W/m^2/sr/nm
           |                          conversion factors to radiometric 
           |                          calibrate the images.
           |-- BADPIXELS            : Folder containing a list of bad pixels on
           |                          the CCDs and their correction method.
           |-- BIAS                 : Folder containing the bias offsets for 
           |                          the various operational modes of OSIRIS
           |-- DISTORTION           : Folder containing the geometric 
           |                          distorsion correction parameters for the 
           |                          cameras
           |-- EXPOSURE             : Folder containing data for exposure
           |                          time correction.
           |-- FILTERS              : Folder containing the NAC and WAC filter 
           |                          transmission curves as supplied by the 
           |                          manufacturer, the WAC narrow band 
           |                          correction files, and the WAC narrow band 
           |                          angular transmission files
           |-- FLATFIELDS           : Folder containing the flatfields for
           |                          the various filter combinations
           |-- THROUGHPUT           : Folder containing the the parameters used 
           |                          for the determination of the camera
           |                          throughput
           |-- OSICALLIOPE_V??.TXT  : Configuration file used by OsiCalliope
                                      with general calibration and
                                      configuration parameters and a list of
                                      files and versions used by OsiCalliope.

The description of the file name convention of these files can be found in the
EAICD under ./DOCUMENT/EAICD. The content of the files is described in the
calibration documents under ./DOCUMENT/CALIB.
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