PDS_VERSION_ID                 = PDS3                                 
RECORD_TYPE                    = STREAM                               
OBJECT                         = TEXT                                 
   PUBLICATION_DATE            = 2015-08-25                           
   NOTE                        = "                                    
    This file describes the content of the CATALOG directory"         
END_OBJECT                     = TEXT                                 
***** File CATINFO.TXT                                                
DATASET.CAT             Data description for the IES data of the      
                        Misson Phase ESC1                             
INSTHOST.CAT            Information about the ROSETTA Spacecraft as   
                        Instrument host. Provided by ESA.             
MISSION.CAT             Information about the ROSETTA Mission.        
                        Provided by ESA.                              
TARGET.CAT              Information about the ROSETTA Targets.Provided
                        by ESA.                                       
RPCIES_INST.CAT         Instrument descriptions for the RPCIES Ion and
                        Electron Sensor                               
RPCIES_PERS.CAT         RPCIES personnel catalog                      
REF.CAT                 Catalog of RPCIES related publications        
                        mentioned in the CAT files and references to  
                        general publications, provided by ESA.        
RPCIES_SOFTWARE.CAT     Information about submitted RPCIES Software   
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