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  PUBLICATION_DATE    = 2006-11-01
  NOTE                = "Description of contents in the CALIB subdirectory."
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Here we include both in flight calibration data (files ending with _MEAS) and 
data from ground calIbrations. The ground calibrations include current        
(_IBIAS) and voltage (_VBIAS) bias calibrations, thus mappings from set bias  
and measured bias. Voltage bias also include a file for fine stepping         
voltages in fine sweeping mode (_FINE).
For RPCLAPYYMMDD_CALIB_MEAS, YYMMDD is the date from which the file is        
considered to be accurate. It is accurate until the date of a newer file of   
the same type, that file in turn is again accurate until a newer file and     
so on. 

Files with _FRQ_ included are pre-flight frequency calibrations.
_FRQ_E_   Contains E-Field frequency responses
_FRQ_D_   Contains Density frequency responses

_P1       Indicates sensor/probe 1
_P2       Indicates sensor/probe 2                                                             
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