PDS_VERSION_ID                 = PDS3                                         
RECORD_TYPE                    = STREAM                                       
OBJECT                         = TEXT                                         
   PUBLICATION_DATE            = 2006-11-01                                   
   NOTE                        = "                                            
    This file describes the content of the CATALOG directory"                 
END_OBJECT                     = TEXT                                         
***** File CATINFO.TXT                                                        
CATINFO.TXT             This file                                             
DATASET.CAT             Description of the LAP instrument data.               
ROSETTA_INSTHOST.CAT    ROSETTA spacecraft information. File provided by ESA. 
ROSETTA_MSN.CAT         ROSETTA mission information. File provided by ESA.    
RPCLAP_INST.CAT         LAP instrument description.                           
RPCLAP_REF.CAT          Catalog of relevant publications.                     
                        File provided by ESA.                                 
RPCLAP_PERS.CAT         LAP Personel information.                             
RPCLAP_SOFTWARE.CAT     Software catalog file (only containing the information
                        that there is no s/w).                                
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