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   PUBLICATION_DATE = 2015-06-03
   NOTE             = "AAREADME.TXT File for data set:
                       ROSETTA-ORBITER 67P RPCMIP 3 PRL3 V2.0"


1. Introduction

This archive contains calibrated data of the RPC-MIP instrument on ROSETTA.
The data were acquired during the PRL3 mission phase (Prelanding part 3).

It also contains documentation which describes the RPC-MIP experiment.
The RPC-MIP data archived in this data set are the exact products as
described in the  RPC-MIP Experiment to Archive Interface Document(EAICD),
supporting documentation and label files, conform to the Planetary Data System
(PDS) Standards, Version 3.6.

Additional information about the RPC-MIP experiment can be found in documents
on ESA's file servers and from the PDS Small bodies Node.

2. Volume format

This section is not applicable since the data are stored only electronically.

3. File Formats

Tabular files are formatted so that they may be read directly into many
database management systems on various computers. All fields are separated by
blancks, and character fields are enclosed in double quotation marks (").
Character fields are left justified, and numeric fields are right justified.
The last two bytes of each record contain the ASCII carriage return and
line feed characters.
PDS labels are object-oriented. The object to which the label refers (e.g.,
IMAGE, TABLE, etc.) is denoted by a statement of the form:

        ^object = location

in which the character (^, also called a pointer in this context)
indicates that the object starts at the given location. In a detached label,
the location denotes the name of the file containing the object, along with
the starting record or byte number. For example:

        ^TABLE = "MY_TABLE.TAB"

indicates that the TABLE object points to the file MY_TABLE.TAB .

Pointers to data objects are always required to be located in the same
directory as the label file, so the file MY_TABLE.TAB in this example is
located in the same directory as the detached label file named MY_TABLE.LBL.
Other type of pointer statements is also found in this dataset.

^ STRUCTURE : it is a pointer to the format file (.FMT)
              describing the data file and located in the LABEL directory

4. Dataset Contents

The files in this dataset are organized in one toplevel directory with several
subdirectories. In the table, directory names are enclosed in square brackets

 FILE                                     CONTENTS
Top-level directory  [RO-C-RPCMIP-3-PRL3-V2.0]
|- AAREADME.TXT                  The file you are reading.
|- VOLDESC.CAT                   A description of the contents of this
|                                volume in a PDS format readable by both
|                                human and computers.
|- [BROWSE]                      A directory containing plots (PNG files) that
|                                are one to one mapping of the corresponding
|                                edited and calibrated SC and HK data (TAB and
|                                CSV files) in the DATA directory.
|- [EXTRAS]                      A directory containing software to convert
|                                PDS data to csv (comma-separated value) format
|- [CATALOG]                     A directory containing files that provide
|                                a top-level understanding of the mission,
|                                spacecraft, instruments, and data sets.
|-  [DATA]                       A directory containing RPC-MIP data files
|      |                         and detached labels files organized by
|      |                         years and months
|      |
|      | - [CALIBRATED]
|               |
|               | - [<Year>]
|                      |
|                      | - [<Month>]
|- [DOCUMENT]                    A directory containing documentation to
|                                help the user understand and use the 
|                                archive data.
|- [INDEX]                       A directory containing index files relating
|                                to this dataset.
|- [LABEL]                       Directory containing the PDS format 
                                 files (.FMT).

5.Errata and Disclaimer


6. Whom to Contact for Information

Planetary Science Archive of the European Space Agency

Pierre Henri, PI of RPC-MIP experiment
    3A avenue de la Recherche Scientifique
    45071 Orleans cedex 2, France